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Anupamaa’s fame Rupali Ganguly talks about the time she worked as a waitress to support her family

Rupali Ganguly, who currently rules the small screen with her role in and as Anupamaa, hasn’t had it easy in life. It wasn’t always like this for the actress. During an interview with ETimes TV, Rupali spoke about the time when her family faced financial problems and she had to work as a waitress and in boutiques to support them.

She shared: “My father was a filmmaker, Anil Ganguly, who was passionate about making films. At that time, films were made with a lot of passion and houses were even sold for them. Unfortunately, two or three of his films flopped and we were literally on the street. I was making films during that time, but I never took my career seriously at the time. At that time, the casting couch was very common in the film industry. I had a film background but I had promised my father that I would never lose my dignity and so he allowed me to become a heroine. But then I couldn’t handle how the industry worked back then, especially the casting couch thing. I’ve decided I can’t handle this. I dropped out and started hotel management at Dadar Catering. But I kept playing with it. I also had to support my family so I had to work as Dad was not well. I worked in boutiques, I worked as a waiter in my gastronomy school. I would get 180 rupees per hour. I was always working and doing different jobs. I also did plays, but I didn’t get anything in terms of money.”

Interestingly, her first audition was for Rajan Shahi who is also the producer of Anupamaa. Rupali went to Andheri from Worli to give the audition. “My first TV show was also with Rajan Shahi called ‘Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi’. That I did everything that came my way, like advertisements and catalog shots. I remember back when I came to audition for Rajan’s show, he had done a pilot with another actress in 1999 and she wanted to do films. So Rajan’s show was approved, they had a time slot but they didn’t have a lead lady.”

She added: “I remember walking to Andheri for Worli’s audition because I didn’t have any money to buy bus tickets. I was so tired when I arrived that I just auditioned. I had this one chance and I messed up and felt terrible. Then I heard someone discuss the plot, that it’s a dual role. I was very excited. I went back to Rajan Shahi and asked him to give me another chance. He was very reluctant, but I pushed him. He called me the next day and I had to walk back. I came to Juhu and took a bus from there the next day. I came back the next day and I auditioned. He gave me the first scene and then asked me to do six scenes in a row. The rest is history. From there I started my journey.”

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