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Anupama July 26, 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj thrashes Pakhi

Anupama July 26, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Adhik returns home and informs the family that he has gone to the Shah’s house. Everyone is shocked when they hear that. Barkha asks what Vanraj said. Adhik says nothing. Vanraj enters and says he came here himself to give his opinion. Hasmukh questions Leela for not preventing Vanraj from visiting house Kapadia. Leela says her son is not a child to obey her and if Kapadias set a bomb on fire it would obviously detonate. Anuj asks Little Anu to go to her room. Little Anu asks if they will both fight. Vanraj sarcastically asks Anuj if he taught his daughter who is hero and who is villain here. Anupama tells Little Anu they don’t fight and sends her to the room. Little Anu asks Vanraj to visit her room later for a cup of ginger tea and walks away.

Vanraj asks Pakhi to accompany him home. Pachy refuses. Talking to Anupama tires. Vanraj accuses Anupama of trying to separate him from his children and says Pakhi doesn’t have the courage to oppose him so Anupama must have provoked her against him. Ankush says he might be tense, but fighting isn’t a solution and that’s why he should calm down. Vanraj asks what if his daughter stayed in someone’s house. Ankush says he got angry, but this is where Pakhi came to her mother’s house, so he shouldn’t have a problem. Vanraj says Ankush’s BIL is staying here and therefore he will not let his daughter stay there. Barkha warns him not to implicate her brother and solve his problem himself.

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