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Anupama 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Leela’s Drama – News

Anupama Sep 24, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

Kapadia performed Shradh Puja. GK says that she will send food to the nursing home and the orphanage. Anupama talks about supporting animals with food and water throughout the year in her 20-page lecture. Anuj admires his idea and says that when he was in the orphanage, he used to feed humans, animals and birds. Anupama still feels guilty for not doing all of his chores properly. Anuj says that it’s not his fault that everyone leaves his work to him, it’s okay to miss some. He changes the subject to please her and shows a video of her snoring from her. Anuj hears Arya cry and, due to her short-term memory loss, he asks who is the child in her house. Anupama says that little Anu is watching the videos of the boy. She goes to Kinjal’s room and falls in love with Little Anu and Arya. She then tries to please Kinjal.

Kinjal apologizes to her for scaring her yesterday and thanks her for handling both her and Arya. Anupama says that she is a new mother and will soon learn the mother’s magic from her. She looks at the torn papers and asks if she was writing something. Kinjal says that she was writing the rhythm of her heart and now she doesn’t listen to her heart or the world. Anupama says that when she is cheated on she breaks down both physically and mentally. Kinjal asks what she will do. Anupama says that her situation was different, she was middle-aged when she was facing betrayal and Kinjal is still young and has a long life ahead of him, so Kinjal has to think hard before making any decision he makes. need. Leela enters and calls out to Anupama.

Leela fights with Barkha when he does not allow her to meet Kinjal and the boy saying that they are resting now. Her war of words begins. Anupama closed her argument. Kinjal moves in with Arya. Leela asks him to come home and reminds him that Anupama stayed at Shah’s house when Vanraj betrayed her. Kinjal asks him not to force her. Barkha commented that a new play started early in the morning. Anuj asks Bhagwan why he sends new problems every day. Vanraj becomes concerned when he learns that Leela has gone to Anupama’s house. He justifies both Leela and Kinjal and hopes Leela doesn’t create any more trouble there. Kavya hugs him and comforts him. Leela continues to plead with Kinjal and accuses Anupama of breaking into her own house and now trying to sabotage her son’s life. Anuj warns him not to start with nonsense again. Anupama says that this is Kinjal and Toshu’s life and they must make a decision without anyone’s interference. Leela accuses Anupama of trying to get back at her and warns Kinjal that Anupama is trying to make Kinjal like her, but she must realize that Anupama’s children have grown up and Kinjal’s child still has a child, etc.

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