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Anupama 18 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama and Anuj celebrated their first Holi together

Anupama 18 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Bapuji asks Samar about Anupama. Samar says mommy is waiting for Anuj. Anu feels that Mr. Shah won’t give up easily and will be waiting for him outside, so she wonders if she should walk out of the house like last time. Mamaji waits for Rakhi outside the house. Bapuji asks what are they waiting for. Mamaji says he forgot. Bapuji hints that he must be waiting for Rakhi. Mamaji says she is right. Samar says that he has not invited Rakhi. Mamaji was saddened to hear this. Anupama hides and goes downstairs and covers herself with curtains. Anuj waits for her. Samar gets disappointed seeing Nandini’s house and remembers her last Holi. A girl wished him a happy Holi and invited him for a Holi party. He agrees but refuses, remembering Nandini.

Anu covered herself with the curtain and went out of the house. Anuj gets happy seeing her. Anu calls him. An energetic song plays in the background. They both expose themselves and run towards each other and finally meet. He applies color on her cheek and wishes her a Happy Holi. Yeh Laal Ishq.. rings in the background. She applies her color back. He says they were running to throw colors behind him, now he will show what Holi means. They both throw colors on Vanraj. Vanraj shouts who dares to throw colors at him. Anu says who else is there other than him. Anuj taunts Vanraj. Anu tells Vanraj that he can now paint him as he and Anuj are already painted in each other’s colors. She applies tilak to him and suggests him to stop his childish acts, wishing him a happy Holi. He turns his back and walks away.

Anu gave Happy Holi Kanhaji and prayer to help them Kanhaji. Anuj pray that their blessings will always love them. Kumkum is falling on the hair application. John says that God has now blessed them and signs. He goes on shy. Vanraj exits his frustration on a chair and thinks that Anu and John always win and how he always loses.

Rakhi goes to meet Shah. Mamaji happily ran to make her Holi. She shoos him away as usual and then wishes him a happy Holi by applying color to Baa. Baa says she was happy before he came. Make fun of Mamaji Ba. Dolly asks Samar about Anu. Enters with Anu, wishes them a Happy Holi, and paints them all. Baa asks who painted her. Anu looked at Anuj. Bapuji says that Kanhaji used to apply color on Radhaji earlier. Baa gets stuck. Pakhi asks him to stop closing his eyes and have fun. He and Samar’s tussle starts. The girls join Pakhi and form a team and the boys join Samar. They both compete with a dance on the song Soni Soni Ankhiyonwali..

Seeing Enjoy the application and Anuj Vanraj is more irritation. Viswanathan has him and asked whether her hatred of Holly. He says he hates more than Anu and Anupama. She says she is passionate about her; He is now really fed; He always thinks about them, especially about the application. Bapu engage with the application and sing with him. Summer is with them. Taking the family to enjoy the Holly Vanraj see him get a plan becomes a side stand.

Precap: Drunk Anuj climbs onto the truck and announces his and Anu’s marriage. Rakhi says it is a heartbreaking news. Anuj slips while descending. Seeing this, Anu screams in fear.

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