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Anandiba Aur Emily July 27, 2022 Written Episode Update: Emily is trying to impress Anandi

Anandiba Aur Emily July 27, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Emily asking about the rope. Gunjan scolds her, calling her selfish. Emily says wrong words. Aarav says she asks for a rope to hang it up with. Emily says right. Aarav gets the rope. Pinky says I think she does white magic. Gunjan asks her to learn from Emily. Emily ties a knot and throws the rope to the hook. Gunyan laughs. Anandi asks if we will see her madness all day by leaving our work. Emily hangs the rope on the hook. Emily hangs on the rope and gets the pickle jar. Everyone is surprised. She asks Anandi to take her pickles.

Kanchan says Emily didn’t step into the kitchen, she didn’t break any rules. Anandi says that from now on Emily won’t come into the kitchen any more so that I don’t crowd her out. She goes. She jokes about Gulab. She asks Kanchan to take Gulab with him. She mocks his job. He says you’re saying I’m staying here for free. Kanchan says he finds a job, what can he do if he doesn’t get a job. Anandi says I will find him a job. She reads him the job advertisements.

He says I want a job where people will come and give me money. Anandi insults him. They fight. Gunjan and Pinky are in the kitchen. They’re talking about Emily. Gunjan says I’m going to kick Emily out of this house. She gets Anandi’s cell phone. She says Jai bala Kaki is calling only Kaki can kick Emily out of this house. Emily watches the internet videos. The lady says I’ll tell you how to impress the Saas. Emily watches the video and gets tips. Gunjan watches. Emily goes to buy the vegetables. She says I found a way to impress Baa. Gunjan says I found a way to spoil her path.

Emily asks for onions. The vegetable seller doesn’t understand. Aarav is coming. The ladies laugh. He answers the neighbors. He asks Emily to come. Emily says they’ll say something, it’s their job. Aarav says don’t do it, we don’t need to talk to them. Emily says I want to talk, I’ll buy vegetables every day, I won’t hide. The lady scoffs at marriage equality.

Gunjan remembers that Anandi meets Jai Bala Kaki. Anandi says you have been scammed, you know whose wedding is here. Gunjan shows the bride’s face. Jai Bala scolds her daughter. Anandi asks her to see the groom’s face, it’s a big shock. Jai Bala sees the foreigner. Jai bala cries and yells at Jigna. Anandi says we explained that marriages are between equals of the same community, this guy is a foreigner, it’s about time you asked Simon to go back. FB ends. Gunjan smiles and says I have a visa to send Emily back. Anandi asks if you saw my phone. Gunjan asks is it lost don’t worry I will find your phone and get it. Anandi says come on, we will find it. Gunjan says I’ll check here. She calls Jai Bala and asks her what work she has with Anandi. Jai Bala says I’ve been doing yatra for four months, how are you all? Gunjan says we’re all fine, Aarav and his wife, we’re all fine. Jai Bala asks if Aarav got married. Gunjan says yes.

Gunjan says everything is ready, she is coming, jai bala kaki. Anandi is shocked. She says I must break up Aarav and Emily’s marriage to save my position.

Update credit to: Amena

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