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Anandiba Aur Emily 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Jaibala returns home

Anandiba and Emily Aug 5, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Gunjan showing Pinky and the ticket. Pinky cries and says I said angry, you have my ticket. Gunjan says that I will slap you twice. She gets angry and slaps him. She says this is Jaybala’s ticket, if she missed the train, she will come back, we can expose Emily, who will leave this house, Emily will go to America. Pinky says yes. Gunjan burned the ticket. Pinky praises her.

Anandi says that all this happened because of you, today I will feed you sweets. Rose disguises herself as a villager. He eats sweets. Anandi asks what all this is. Gulab says that Parimal told me to drop the foreign guise, I have to take the incarnation of my previous birth. Anandi asks Kanchan to give Emily sweets. Rose says there’s no need, I’ll give it to her. Gunjan impresses Anandi. Happy smiled. Gunjan feeds him sweets. Anandi is surprised to see Jaybala. Gunjan asks what happened. Anandi says Jaybala… Gunjan says that he went by train. Jaybala says Anandi…. My train ticket is lost, I tried to find it, I asked Aaghya to give it to me on the phone, he doesn’t know, Jigna received the ticket late, I missed the train and then I came back, wow, you made candy Is. Aarav says there is no more veil. Emily says no, Rasam stays. He says there is no need. Rose receives candy. They say that the Mu Dikhai Rasam has been cancelled. Aarav says yes, he removes the veil. Emily tells the truth. Anandi comes and says that I will be seen. Rose asks why.

He argues with Emily. Anandi says that you said you would listen to me, put on the veil. She asks Gulab to come see Jaybala, I must see. Pink Swan. He turns to Emily and says mu dikhai bada rasam hai, you wear the veil. Emily asks if she should use it, yes or no. Aarav says no, what is the need. Rose shows her Jaybala. Aarav turns to Emily and tells her that you need to, cover your face, be careful. Gunjan says that he was missing you so much, it’s good that you’re back, he was praying for a miracle, on your luck to stay here, don’t stress, I got your ticket to Mumbai. Jaybala says now I don’t need to leave immediately, I’ll keep mom’s injection in the room. Pinky praises Gunjan. Anandi says I don’t understand, I loved this gondal like Aarav and Aghya, I have to give up. Gunjan says don’t say this.

She says bless me, I’ll think some thoughts. Anandi blessed him. Gunjan says I have an idea, sit down, Jaybala accepts that bahu has fair hands, we will explain to her that our daughter in law is fair, but what will we do with her blonde hair, she will understand that Emily is a foreigner She will ask you to leave the position of head of Gondal, ok? why don’t we make emily wear a wig with black hair? Jaybala will think that she is a beautiful Gujarati girl. Aarav liked this idea. Gunjan asks if Emily will agree to wear the wig. He said no. Anandi says that I will lose my chair. Gunjan says I swear, I won’t let anything happen, I will keep mu dikhai, Jaybala won’t know anything.

Gunjan asks Aarav to get Emily ready. She sports a wig with dark hair. Emily refuses. Gunjan says that her hair color will change, the hair must match the clothes. Gunjan and Aarav convince Emily. Emily agrees. Gunjan sees Pinky at the door. Pinky says don’t talk to me, that you saved Emily again. Gunjan says that her hair wig will upset Emily when the time is right. Pinky says you have a great idea in mind. Happy worried. Let’s go Jaybala. Emily comes to see Mu. Jaybala sees the braid of long hair and asks how I didn’t see her hair when he served me the food. Anandi says that you were concentrating on the food. Jaybala goes and sees Emily’s face. Everyone is under stress.

Gunjan says that mu appeared, now relax. She steps on the hair wig. Emily’s blonde hair sticks out of her wig. Jaybala is surprised. She asks Anandi to choose Gondal or his morality.

Update Credits: Amena

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