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Anandiba Aur Emily 27th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Chirag and Jalpa’s marriage

Anandiba and Emily Aug 27, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Pinky hearing Gunjan’s plan and calling her Mahan. She says that this time you have done an amazing job. Gunjan says that I am afraid of your praise, stop. Pinky says that this time your plan worked. She jokes about Gunjan. She says that if they find out your lie this time, you will go to jail. Zaman and Aarav argue over the cannabis dose. Zaman says we have to get his memory back. Payal says you’ve put 7 spoons in the bowl so far, don’t argue. She asks Emily to eat dhokla and bhang. She says that what happened that day will happen again. Aarav says don’t worry, I’m with you, eat. Gulab is shocked to see Anandi lying on the ground. She cries saying that she left us without informing us. Anandi opens her eyes and listens to her. She must know. He calls her a ghost. She says it’s me, she was doing yoga and I fell asleep. She says I thought you had passed away.

It says that Parimal Baba asked me to worship the head of the family, I will be saved from sin. Gunjan arrives and impresses Anandi. Anandi says that you are a good bahu unlike Emily. Emily gets drunk. Aarav says that I am afraid. Payal says don’t worry. He says that I am afraid that she may go to the Ganesh temple and it is proven that she was married to Chirag. Emily laughs. Gunjan reads some strange news to scare Anandi. Anandi says the paper is in Gujarati, how are you reading it in Hindi? Gunjan says yes, I read it first and translated it for you. She signs Pinky. She left.

Gunjan meets Chirag and Harsh at the temple. He says we’ll start when pundit does her job. She asks the man to take a good video, she will prove that Emily and Chirag are married. Jalpa comes with a girlfriend. Gunjan asks him to make her hands look fair. Emily does dumb things while she’s intoxicated.

Zaman says that now Emily will go, and we will follow her, see if she goes to Ganesh’s temple or not. Aarav asks Payal to leave Emily. Gunjan talks to Pinky by phone and asks her to send Emily’s photos. Pinky asks how we’ll get the proof. Gunjan says I’ll get Jalpa and Chirag married, I’ll photoshop the videographer and put Emily’s pictures up, you won’t understand. Pinky asks if you’ll be my big sister, I’m crying happily. Gunjan says that no one can separate us.

Aarav says that Emily met me at that time. Emily moves on. They follow him. Emily heads towards the temple. Zaman says not to worry, she’s not married. Emily disappears. Aarav says that she disappeared, I’m worried. Jalpa says that she is worried about Chirag falsely marrying Emily. Gunjan asks her not to worry. She asks the man to take a close-up video. Chirag sees Emily and cries. Jalpa says that I don’t like her. Malinga says that Emily has come. Gunjan and everyone is shocked.

They all apologize and confess their crimes. Gunjan says sorry, my mistake is big. Emily smiled. Gunjan laughs and claps his hands. She listens to Aarav. She says Aarav is coming, Payal maasi is there too. Zaman, Aarav and Payal see Emily and run towards her.

Aarav says Emily wasn’t conscious last time, I want Emily and Chirag to get married again. Jalpa says no, it can’t happen because Chirag is married to me. Aarav and Emily smile.

Update Credits: Amena

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