Anandiba Aur Emily 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Emily makes a blunder

Anandiba Aur Emily 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Emily makes a blunder

Anandiba Aur Emily 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Emily makes a blunder

Anandiba and Emily Aug 10, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Aarav says I won’t let you go alone, Emily, we’ll walk together, smile now. Emily smiles. Gulab asks why you pushed me down. Aarav says that the candlestick was shaking. Gulab says there is jhumar, why did you push me, why didn’t you slap me? Aarav asks how can I slap you. Kanchan says that you will find someone to slap you, come. She takes the rose. Arav smiled. Emily thanks him. She blindfolds him and takes him upstairs. She surprises him. She says this food will take you to America, eat it with your eyes closed. He eats sandwiches. He likes. laugh….play….

Emily asks to speak to Anandi. Anandi refuses to speak. She asks Emily to call Gunjan. They speak across the world. Anandi says I have to go and fill out the form, she reminds Gunjan. Emily says Jag isn’t here, how will I know? Both speak clearly. The maid laughs and takes the things from there. Anandi says that she doesn’t know what she will understand. Emily says that I don’t know if I can win Anandi’s heart or not. Gulab says that in this age no one slaps, no one can slap me. He sees Aghya and says that Aghya Kumar is here. He stops Aghya and scolds her. He makes Aghya angry.

Aghya is surprised. He asks her not to say anything bad about Anandi. Gulab says I’m talking bad about you. He asks Aghya to slap him. Aghya gets angry and says that I will forget that you are my phua. Gulab says he forgets, stop, you were about to slap me, I did it wrong. Aaghya says that I must have slapped you, but I have to ask Anandi for permission for this, I will ask her and come. Gulab asks who will slap me.

Emily goes to Gunjan and tells him that Anandi said that you have to fill out the form for the competition. Gunjan says I’ll go, it’s the last date. She does sedation. Emily asks what happened, you sprained your leg. Gunjan says that I will go and bring the form for the halwa competition, each daughter-in-law from a house is going to fill out the form and participate, I will go. Emily asks if I can go and write my name. Gunjan asks if you are going to go, you are very sweet. Pinky asks and me? Gunjan tells you too, and Emily too. She works injured. She tells Emily that she shouldn’t talk to anyone, everyone will ask why Gunjan hasn’t come. Emily says that I will do anything to impress Baa, I will enter my name in the Halwa competition. Emily leaves. Gunjan dances. Emily comes over and calls out to him. She says your feet. Gunjan says that the doctor asked me to play here and there, otherwise the leg will go numb, why did you come back? Emily says I forgot my phone. She picks up the phone and leaves. Gunjan says that she will write his name instead of Ba, and Ba will remove her name from this house. Pinky says you’re like a termite. Gunjan goes to Anandi and gets hurt. Anandi asks what happened. Gunjan says that he was singing for your long life, I fell down and sprained my leg, well, I’ll be fine.

Anandi says I’ll apply ointment, Emily told you about the form. Gunjan says yes I sent Emily there, sorry I didn’t know she would be upset, I’ll call Emily and send Pinky. Anandi says no Pinky, she lets Emily go. Emily comes over and says I’ve signed up for the pudding contest. Anandi and Emily talk while having fun at the table. Gunjan checked the form. She asks why you didn’t write down Anandi’s name. Emily says you said she goes by the name bahu. Gunjan says you broke the traditions, Anandi wins the halwa competition every year. Emily says sorry, I thought I had to join. Anandi says to go and give my name immediately. Emily says that the form submission time is over. Gunjan says I’ll call and ask. She calls Gangotri. Pinky says it’s me. She shooting feat. Pinky asks my real name is Gangotri, why did you hide my real name? Gunjan says forget everything, write Anandi’s name on the form, listen, I crossed my hands, Emily made a mistake, don’t eliminate Anandi from the competition. She ends the call. Pinky says no, I didn’t cut myself. Gunjan says it happened because of my leg, I want to break my leg. Anandi says no Gunjan, don’t say this. Gunjan says I want a stick. Pinky gets a stick. Gunjan asks how she knew. Pinky says that you said it. Gunjan hits his leg. everyone comes Anandi comforts Gunjan. She says Emily didn’t give my name on purpose, it’s her fault, ask her. Aarav looks at Emily. Emily says I didn’t do this on purpose. Anandi says that I am the winner of the last 5 years, our prasad house went to the temple, the first time prasad will not be from our house. Emily says that I will win the competition, Prasad will leave our family.

Anandi says that she has defied me, if she doesn’t win and ruin our family’s honor, she will have to leave this house. Emily asks if you’ll let me in the kitchen if I win. Anandi accepts the challenge. Emily smiles.

Update Credits: Amena

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