Always be with me, my love: GoEm, Raazi Four Shots [Part 1]

Always be with me, my love: GoEm, Raazi Four Shots [Part 1]

Always be with me, my love: GoEm, Raazi Four Shots [Part 1]

in a college

Rashi: Gopi, why are you so tense? After all it is a dance show. You do not need to worry.

Gopi: Rashi, Siddharth is ill. So who will be my dance partner?

Rashi: I told you no, he is coming soon. Don’t worry he knows all the dance steps as we have sent the video.

Gopi: He may be a good dancer, but I am dancing in the college auditorium for the first time. What if it doesn’t go well?

Amount ; People will throw eggs at you, are you crazy? Gopi why do you think so much, just dance and enjoy it. Lo… he has arrived.

Gopi looks at her and inadvertently gets a smile on her face.

But as soon as he went to Gopi and Rashi, he covered his smile saying that he had nothing to do with her.

Ahem: So Rashi, is that girl who is my partner?

Rashi: What?

Ahem: I mean dance partner.

Rashi: Yes and Gopi that is Aham – Final year student. He definitely introduces you to dance and Aham meets my younger sister Gopi – who is in the first year.

Ahem: Hi Gopi

Gopi: Hello Ahme

Ahem: You can smile well, no need to hide it. I saw that you were smiling when you came here.

Gopi: Oops!!! You noticed this, actually I thought what would you think if you looked at me like this?

Rashi and Ahem laughs

Gopi: What people?

Ahem: Nothing, Gopi you are so cute, just like a child.

gopi smiles again

Zodiac: Let me take a picture, you two stand together

Gopi: But the amount

Rashi: Relax Gopi, I am just capturing a friendly moment.

she takes their picture in her mobile

After a while Gopi and Aham danced on Radha’s song today.

Rashi jumps with joy seeing them dancing together. Meanwhile, a boy dragged Rashi to a corner.

Zodiac: Hey who are you and what do you want? Why did you cover my eyes with your hands?

She slowly withdrew her hand and Rashi slowly opened her eyes

she was surprised to see him

Amount ; Jigar, oh my god!! when did you come back? You didn’t call me, you didn’t reply to my messages, you were just a busy bee.

Jigar: Chill, Rashi Chill. All your complaints are about to end, because I am taking you on a romantic date.

Amount ; Are you kidding me? You’re taking me on a romantic date? certainly not

Jigar: Of course, Rashi. trust me .

Rashi: Wait wait, first let my sister Gopi finish my program, I have to tell her that I am with you.

Jigar: Rashi come you can inform her on phone also, please don’t be late friend. Come on.

Zodiac: But Gopi

Jigar: Don’t know how busy I am these days, I have just returned from Delhi and have come straight here to meet you before going home. And you ain’t coming on a date with me, too bad man

Zodiac: Okay, I’m coming.

Jigar: She’s my girl.

Raji goes to a restaurant

Zodiac : Wow Jigar this place is very nice

Jigar: Oh no, that’s what I was telling you

Jigar quickly wrapped his hands around his hip and Rashi placed his hands on Jigar’s shoulders. They Share a Romantic Hold and Eyelock

Zodiac: What are you doing?

Jigar: You did not say that I am not a romantic, so I am showing how romantic I am.

They both smile and take candid pictures

On the other hand, Gopi was under stress due to the absence of Rashi.

Important: Any problems?

Gopi : I was trying Rashi’s mobile but she is not picking up the call.

Ahem: He’s probably right here.

Gopi: I am very scared.

Ahem: Don’t worry Gopi, we’ll find her, let’s go.

Gopi: Buti

Ahem: I said we’ll find him, trust me.

Ahem walks by holding her hand

Meanwhile, Gopi’s phone rings.

Gopi: It’s Rashi Only, Hello Rashi

Zodiac : Gopi I’m so sorry. That jigger surprisingly came and took me away. That’s why I can’t come now.

Gopi; I see it is fine. i will go myself

Zodiac: Take care, bye.

Gopi; goodbye, zodiac

Important: Is he okay?

Gopi; she is with my brother in law

Ahem: What did Rashi marry secretly?

Gopi: No, you are wrong- he is my future Jiju

Ahem: So you have to say that Rashi is with her boyfriend.

Gopi: I just hate that word – boy friend.

Important: Why?

AN: I dedicate this to Jasmine Rahul who suggested me to write on SNS Evergreen Jodi.

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