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Ajooni 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajooni saves Aman’s marriage

Aduni Nov 9, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

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Bebe prays for Rajveer as he heads into the first election. Harman says that only my Rajveer will win, she tries to tilak him but he stops her. He tells Bebe that only you have that right. She tilaks him, Harman is hurt, she says won’t you take my blessings? Rajveer says that Mata Rani is with me. He tells Bebe that I want to write your name as my mother on the election form. Bebe says I don’t care. He’s leaving. Harman cries, then Bebe yells at him and says that you tried to kill your own son. Harman says that I am his mother, I will never try to harm him. Bebe says that if I find the culprit, I won’t forgive that person. Harvinder tenses up and leaves. Ajuni look. Bebe asks where Aman is. Acuni says I don’t know.

Acuni arrives at Aman’s room and sees her tied up. She releases him, Aman yells that you have broken my marriage. Harvinder has gone to finalize our divorce. Herman comes there. Acuni says that I won’t divorce her like this, we can stop her.

Harvinder comes to the magistrate and says that I want to divorce my wife. He says your wife has to come first and sign the papers. Harvinder takes the file and leaves.

Bebe tells Ravindra that how can Harman attack Rajveer? Ravindra says that I’m sure he didn’t make those attacks. He receives a call from a minister and says that I will go meet him.

Harvinder returns to the magistrate and says that my wife Aman is here. Shikha comes there as Aman. They ask for a divorce, the judge is about to finalize it, but Ajuni arrives and says to stop. Aman is with her. Acuni says that he is the real Aman Bagga. Harvinder is watching. Akuni says that the girl who introduced you is Shikha. He asks for proof. She shows him the photo of Harvinder and Aman. Harvinder says that she is not my wife. Aduni shows the family photo in which Aman is present. Shikha says that I am Aman, they are lying, they must have transformed the photo. Akuni says we can call Ravindra then. Harvinder says finalize my divorce. The magistrate says he can’t lie to us, just get out of here. Harvinder yells at Aman and is about to slap him, but Ajuni stops him. She says that I am with her, do not think that we are weak, you will not be able to crush her as you want. She takes Aman from there. Shikha leaves angry.

Ajuni and Aman leave the office. Aman thanks him and says that I can’t even apologize to you. Acuni says that he is fine.

Rajveer arrives at the office, Ajuni calls out to him but he can’t hear her. Acuni takes Aman from there.

Acuni takes Aman to the women’s center. Aman says that if this news gets out, our family name may be spoiled. Acuni says we have to do this.

PRECAP – Akuni tells the social worker that Aman’s husband wants to remarry without her permission. Rajveer goes back to his house, but some women come there, sing against Ravindra and say that we have come to know that you torture your women. Rajveer is surprised.

Update Credits: Atiba

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