Ajooni 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Aman begs to let Shikha stay with them

Ajooni 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Aman begs to let Shikha stay with them

Ajooni 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Aman begs to let Shikha stay with them

Ajuni Feb 6, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

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Bebe tells Ravindra that I made a mistake assuming all this so I forgive Rajveer and Ajuji just for today. Everyone sees Bebe asks what are we going to do with Shikha? He is innocent. Shikha cries and says I’m telling you I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t plan the raid or anything. Bebe asks to think about our heir. Ravindra says let’s talk about this at home, the family is leaving there.

Tantrika and his henchman are on the run from the police. She says that Rajveer and Ajuji closed my shop, I will take revenge.

All family members return home. Ravindra praises Rajveer and Ajuji’s bravery. He says you’ve done me proud. Rajveer says that it was our duty. Ravindra tells Bebe that our Rajveer saved us all from believing in nonsense. He gives a diya box to Rajveer and says it belongs to our family, I used it when I prayed for you and Harvinder so I want both of you to use it and God for our successor. They smile and take it. Ravindra tells the housemates that this drama should not happen in the house again. Rajveer tells Harsh that you also believed in all that? You gave this trick to baby, if you do it again I won’t forgive you. Rajveer says that I don’t understand who put tadka in Ajuji’s breakfast. Ravindra says someone mixed sand in it? He looks at Shikha and says that you must have done this. Shikha says that I did not do this, even tried to catch Tantrik. Bebe says that she wasn’t even here at the time. Ravindra says that he can go back to his house, he can’t stay here. Harvinder comes there and says to wait…he says that Shikha will stay here. Ravindra says that you were silent all this time but are you speaking now? Harvinder has an envelope. Ravindra asks what is this? He says that it is personal, but Ravindra accepts it. He finds the family photo of her with her but it is not Ajuji but Shikha in the photo. Harvinder says that Shikha is my wife, so she will stay here. Ravindra takes the photo and cuts out Shikha’s face. Everyone sees Ravindra says that if you care about Shikha that much, then you can leave the house with her. Harvinder says that if Rajveer defends his wife, he’s fine, but can’t I defend my wife? Rajveer says don’t compare Ajubi to Shikha. Harvinder tells Ravindra that I won’t let anyone talk bad about my wife. Ravindra asks him to be quiet. Harvinder says that if Shikha leaves the house, I will kill myself. He holds a knife to her neck, which worries everyone. Harvinder says they always insult me ​​and nobody listens to me. Ravindra says that he is just doing drama, I will show him. He takes the sword and tells you to kill yourself with it. Harvinder freaks out. Baby says enough. Ravindra asks Harvinder to stab himself if he can, but you can’t because you’re not as brave as Rajveer. Harvinder says you want to see my bravery? He takes the sword but is stopped by Aman and Harman. Aman cries and tells Ravindra if he likes Shikha to let her stay here, she sits at her feet and says I beg you. Ravindra blesses her and tells her that you are very innocent, this Shikha is your enemy and this husband of yours does not love you either but you beg him for her happiness. Aman cries and says I am asking this as his daughter please let Shikha stay here. Ravindra tells Harvinder that you are here for this girl but I won’t change my mind, Shikha can stay here but she will only stay in Chanku’s room, he takes Harman from there. Shikha thinks that I will clear the vault from her soon and will not spare Ajuni-Rajveer. She hugs Harvinder and smiles.

PRECAP – Ravindra tells Bebe we have a good offer for Dolly, I don’t want any drama today. Ajuni tells Bebe that she will get Dolly ready since her boyfriend’s family is coming to see her. Shikha hears this and thinks that I will spoil it.

Update Credits: Atiba

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