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Ajooni 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Aman scares Harvinder as a ghost

Ajuni Jan 5, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

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Shikha sees Harvinder calling out to her but ignores him. Harsh calls her and says you got kicked out? You deserved it, when they kicked you out you couldn’t even do anything. Shikha says that they will bring me back, disconnects and gets angry.

Aman tells Ajuni that I am afraid. Ajuji says don’t worry. Aman and Meher all dressed in white. There is a knock on the door and Rajveer enters. Ajuji asks Aman if he is ready. he shook his head. Rajveer says not to worry. Ajuji gives him an earphone.

Harvinder is trying to sleep but hears some voices. His phone rings and he answers the call to hear Aman’s voice. He sees Aman there dressed in white, he says that this can’t be true. Aman says how can this not happen? I love so much. You know my husband killed me, but I will do to you everything you did to me. She laughs at him and Harvinder freaks out and runs off. He gets to the living room and sees Aman there again. Aman says that no one will come to save you, everyone thinks that you are drunk. Ajuni and Rajveer hide in the house with Aman. Aman tells Harvinder that I have come to take you with me, you killed me but now I will take you with me. She starts to leave and Harvinder tries to follow her, but Aman disappears. Ajuji tells Rajveer that everything is going according to plan. Harvinder sees Aman at the house again and follows him. Aman scares her and leaves. Meher wears a wig and goes to scare Harvinder with a mask. She cries in fear and says please forgive me. Aman returns to her and tells her come with me. Harvinder tries to hide from her and runs away. Ajuji tells Aman that it is time for Shikha.

Shikha is sleeping when she hears banging on her window. When she wakes up, she sees Harsh closing in on her and tries to kill her. It turns out to be her dream. She wakes up seeing Harvinder there. He asks who Harsh is. She says no one. Harvinder says you were yelling her name. Shikha says that I saw a bad dream. Harvinder says I still see Aman everywhere and Harman even saw him alive in the market. Shikha says that I am doubting everything, we should go to the jungle and if we find something related to her then she should be alive.

Harvinder and Shikha reach the forest. She says let’s check and she leaves soon. Harvinder says I’m scared. She says just come. Rajveer, Ajuni and Aman also go there. She hides from them. Shikha finds Aman’s clothes and jewelry there. She says that by now the wild animals must have killed and eaten her. we go. Harvinder hears a noise, she says, let’s see who she is. Ajuni continues to secretly make noise. Rajveer also starts making noise from the other side. Harvinder and Shikha look around when they hear Aman calling for Harvinder. Shikha is confused. Rajveer asks Aman to leave. Aman appears before Harvinder and Shikha as they try to leave. They were surprised.

PRECAP – Harvinder falls in front of Aman and tells him please forgive me, I have committed a great sin. Rajveer makes the confession video of him and calls the family there. Ravindra looks at Aman and says is he alive? what’s going on? Rajveer says that Harvinder and Shikha left Aman in the forest to be eaten by wild animals.

Update Credits: Atiba

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