Ajooni 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajveer thinks Avinash is messaging Ajooni

Ajooni 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajveer thinks Avinash is messaging Ajooni

Ajooni 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajveer thinks Avinash is messaging Ajooni

Ajuni Sep 29, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Ravindra catches Harvinder and tells him that I now have evidence against him. Harvinder pleads with him and says that Shikha blinded me, please forgive me. Ravindra says you killed your own son for another woman? Did you destroy our dreams? He starts beating her up and says that you have taken our heir from us. I will kill you today, why did you do this? Why? I should have let you die when you were not born, you will receive the correct punishment. She grabs a board and surprises Harvinder like he did Aman. Bebe stops Ravindra and tells her to go away. Harvinder says I did all of this but was not involved in the concussion incident. Ravindra sees Dolly and asks the Saints to tell her the truth. She freaks out and says that Dolly did all of this. Dolly cries and says that she just wanted to surprise Akuni, please forgive me. Ravindra says that all my children are useless. Ravindra tells Harman that if your children make one more mistake, I’ll kick you out with them. Rajveer saw Dolly.

Rajveer reaches the kitchen and finds Aman there. He says you should rest. Aman says that I have to take care of my husband and that I am not pregnant now. She gets out of there. Rajveer calls his man and asks her to keep an eye on Harvinder.

Aman is taking care of the sleeping Harvinder. Ravindra arrives there and sees that Shikha is calling out to him. He takes the call. Shikha says that I can’t live without you, so he kills your wife quickly. Ravindra says what have you done with my son? I found out about your plan with him, forget about marrying him. I won’t forgive you if you go back to him, end the call. Ravindra blesses Aman and leaves. Haman cries.

Dolly sees that Acuni is sleeping in her room. She gets there and smiles. She takes her phone and changes her contact name to Avinash. She says that Rajveer will kick you out of here.

Bebe tells Rajveer and his family that it’s all Akuni’s fault, she is a bad omen. Rajveer says that Harvinder was behind the attacks. Bebe says that Acuni should have taken care of Aman. We should kick him out of the house. Rajveer says to know that I will go with him. Ravindra asks Bebe to stop, we can’t have any more drama. Bebe says that no one here listens to me. She gets out of there. Rajveer saw Dolly. Dolly says you keep taking her side, but what if she leaves you for someone else? then, what are you going to do? Rajveer is watching.

Shikha is tense, her father tells her that she must bide her time. Shikha says we tried 3 times but Aman didn’t die. I don’t think Harvinder will be trapped now. Her father asks are you crazy about Harvinder? We want ownership of him, not him.

Rajveer reaches his room and sees Acuni sleeping. He remembers Ajuni talking to Avinash. Dolly sees it and sends a message to Acuni. Rajveer checks it and sees a message with Avinash’s name on it. The message says that she misses her. He gets angry seeing this. Adjuni wakes up and tries to get up but is weak. Rajveer sees her but does not help her. Akuni falls onto the bed and sees Rajveer standing there. Dolly gets there and catches Acuni. She asks Rajveer to leave. He’s leaving. Dolly asks if something happened between you and her. Ajuni look.

PRECAP – Akuni receives a message from someone who knows that Aman was not pregnant. Harman tells Rajveer that Avinash was Ajuni’s fiancé, before you married her? You will not get love from her because she is in love with Avinash. Rajveer says that if it is so, I will not forgive them.

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