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Ajooni 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajooni supports Rajveer’s election campaign

Aduni Oct 26, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Rajveer shows the old arrow to Ravindra and tells him that someone has changed it. Harvinder says that this servant changed him, he starts beating her. Acuni says that she at least listens to him. Ravindra asks him to leave. She punches the servant and asks him to leave. Harvinder thanks Rajveer and says that you saved my life today. Rajveer says that you protected me too. Ravindra tells Rajveer that if the election is near, you must be careful. She stands on the stairs and finds soapy water there. She calls Santo and asks if he didn’t clean it up? Santo says I didn’t clean this area today. Harman says I’ve been in the kitchen since morning. Rajveer says that Acuni was with me all day. Who would have done this, says Ravindra? He sees Dolly, she says I didn’t do anything. He holds her ear and asks her to tell him the truth. Dolly cries and says I didn’t do this on purpose. Ravindra says that Rajveer may die from this. You should be punished, I’ll send you to Subhash’s house, just clean the stairs. Rajveer left there. Harvinder is watching.

Shikha’s mother is crying and says that we don’t have much money left, that we have a huge debt. Her father says that Shikha will use Harvinder, once they get married we will ask her to pay his debt. Her mother says but Shikha is playing with fire. She is cheating on Harvinder but has another boyfriend, Harsh. She keeps running into him, what if Harvinder finds out about her? She rings the doorbell, she opens the door to find Harvinder there.

Rajveer is preparing for the elections. Aduni helps him and tells him I’m worried, people get greedy in politics, you’re not going to change right? You won’t be like your family, will you? Rajveer says do you think I will become like this? You are with me so that I am always on the right path, anything for you. Aduni smiles at the sight of him. ajuni says you should work for people now i just want this Rajveer says that I will do what you say, I just want your happiness. Aduni smiles at the sight of him. Ravindra calls her for them both to leave.

Harvinder enters the house and is looking for Shikha, his father stops him and tries to signal Shikha. Shikha is talking to Harsh on the phone.

Aman loves Rajveer for the election. Mangi ties a turban on her head. Ravindra says you look beautiful. You’ll make me proud. Ajuni goes and brings him sweet curd.

Shikha is speaking on the call. Harvinder goes to her room, she sees him coming and ends the call. She asks him to calm down, leads him into the room.

Rajveer takes the family’s blessings and is about to leave, but Ajuni arrives and stops him. She feeds him sweet curd, but her hand hurts, so Rajveer kneels down so he can eat it easily. Everyone smiles when they see them. Acuni wished him all the best. Rajveer thanks him and leaves the house for the election.

PRECAP – Guruji yells at Ravindra that his daughter in law Aguni came to me and insulted my education. Aduni says that if you have powers, show us the way to solve this problem and save Rajveer’s life. everybody sees

Update Credits: Atiba

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