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Ajooni 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Aman gets stuck in the lift

Ajuni Sep 24, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Rajveer asked Ajuni if ​​Avinash had come here before. Ajuni says yes. He says why didn’t you tell me then? Why did you hide? Ajuni says I didn’t hide. Dr. Khanna was not available, so he sent Avinash to his house. I tried to tell you, but you were busy. Dolly called out to him. He says: Wow, all the coincidences. I do not like. He leaves angry.

Shikha and Harvinder meet. She says this is our last meeting. My parents can fix my marriage soon. You will be a father. He says I love you Shikha. I won’t let you get away from me. She says that your father had said that you can’t marry me as long as Aman is alive. Harvinder says I’ll kill him. I have made a plan. He just waits and watches.

scene 2
Acuni takes Aman to the hospital. Dolly says to take care of yourself. They go. Dolly calls someone and says that they just left. Acuni and Aman arrive at the hospital. They ask for an ultrasound. The receptionist says that the elevator is for the patient only. Acuni asks Aman to leave as she heads upstairs after the formalities. A boy from the room enters the elevator. Haman is alone. The room boy asks where you want to go. She says where is he? She says third floor. She leaves the elevator in the other one and says that your floor is upstairs. Smoke fills the elevators. Haman is coming. Aduni goes up the stairs. Haman is not here. Aman is passing out from the smoke. The security room watcher sees this and runs off. Harvinder and Shikha arrive at the CCTV room and see Aman pass out.

Akuni looks for Aman upstairs. Aman screams for help. Harvinder says that this smoke will kill him and that it will be the hospital’s fault. People are gathered outside. They say that a woman is trapped in life and there is smoke inside. Aduni asks how she looks like herself. He says you can see him in the CCTV room. Ajuni comes there. Harvinder and Shikha hide. In the video, Acuni sees Aman. She cries for Aman. Aman asks the receptionist to do something. She says please do something. Avinash asks if everything is okay. Ajuni tells him everything. They go to the elevator room. Harvinder’s man locks the elevator from the elevator room. Aduni runs up the stairs. she falls Avinash chose her.

Ravinder and Rajveer arrive at the same hospital. Ravinder tells Rajveer that he is very happy that Rajveer is involved in politics. They ask about Haman. The receptionist tells them that she is trapped in the elevator. Rajveer ran up the stairs. He tries to break down the elevator door. Harvinder and Shikha hide. Ajuni and Avinash open the elevator. Rajveer opens the door and picks up Aman. He goes to the emergency room. Aduni comes in the elevator. They tell him that Aman has been taken to the ICU. Ajuni and Avinash run there. Shikha says that he is alive? Harvinder says I have to investigate. Ravinder tells Rajveer that it was a mistake that I gave the responsibility for the peace to your wife. Ravinder says how are all these accidents happening with Aman? Someone is doing this. Ravinder sees Harvinder behind the pillar. He is wearing a mask. Ravinder calls his phone and it rings. When he gets there, Harvinder and Shikha hide.

Avinash and Ajuni arrive at the ICU holding hands because Ajuni is not feeling well.

end the episode

Precap: Ravinder tells Akuni that if anything happens to my grandson, I will burn the world and not leave you. Akuni asks Avinash what happened to the boy. He says that Aman is not even pregnant.

Update Credits: Atiba

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