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Ajooni 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajooni forgives Rajveer

Ajuni Sep 22, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Acuni tells Rajveer to eat sweets, you are the boy’s uncle. She says that I have never been so happy. We were fighting against injustice and God blessed Aman when he was a child. God is there to help us. He says you’re right but you did wonders. You’ve done so many movie tickets. Ajuni laughs. Rajveer looks at her and smiles. He says you are very happy. She says that she had never seen papa ji and everyone so happy. Harvinder will change too, things will be fine. He says, will it change our relationship and things between us? East. God will help me too. He feeds her sweets.

Ravinder calls Panditji. She gives Aman chunari and says that you will become the mother of the heir of this family. You are a blessing Ravinder says that you will get everything you need for peace. He tell me. He tells Harvinder that you should take care of your wife and stop being an animal. Never hit him again and stay home for the night. He asks Harvinder to bring Aman’s things into the room. Harvinder is furious.

scene 2
Dolly finds a photo of Avinash and Ajuni. She says Akuni look what I do now and I separate you from your brother. Rajveer stops Aman from cleaning the vegetables. He says you won’t do anything. She says, who will clean them then? You? Rajveer says yes. She tries but he can’t. Aduni says let me do this. Rajveer says tell me if you need anything. I’m going to train my nephew. I want him to be polite and have a good heart and a smiley face like you. I will get him admission to the English school. Aman says that if you love my son so much, how much will you see your son? He looks at Acuni and says that I will do a lot for my son.

Harvinder stops Acuni. He says you did all this. I will marry Shikha at any cost. Shikha will ruin your life. You’ll pay to mess with Harvinder.

scene 3
Ravinder drinks. Rajveer says that Papa ji drinks less. Soon you will be a grandfather. Harvinder says I’m drinking from happiness. He says look at this Harvinder. He is going to be a father but it seems that someone has died. I’m happy, I want to dance. Ravinder asks Harvinder to dance with him. Harvinder pushed him away. He says that you ruined my marriage with Shikha. How can you do that? Ravinder slaps her and tells her how she is. He says look at Rajveer, I insult him for being his wife’s maid. But he doesn’t answer. He says he wants to be with Shikha? To be with him outside this house. and keep it there. In this house there will be only peace.

Rajveer arrives in the room. Acuni says that when the boy arrives, he will play all night and no one will sleep. Rajveer says you are right. I will teach you a lot. Rajveer cleans the bed. Chadar punches Acuni in the eye. Rajveer says are you okay? It hurts? He rubs his eyes. Yaara plays the song that she sang. He says sorry. She says I’m fine. She says sorry for everything. I have caused you so much pain. I ruined your marriage. I forced you to marry me. My family treated you very badly but you never did anything bad to them. You fight for a man. Please forgive me, but I did all this because I love you so much. I apologized to your family but not to you. I am sorry. Ajuni shook his head. Rajveer fell asleep.

end the episode

Precap-Aman receives an electric shock. Ravinder asks what happened. Acuni says that she was surprised. Ravinder says I’ve given you the responsibility of looking after him. Dolly says let me call the doctor. She brings Avinash inside. Rajveer looks at Avinash.

Update Credits: Atiba

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