Ajooni 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Aman goes against Ajooni

Ajooni 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Aman goes against Ajooni

Ajooni 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Aman goes against Ajooni

Ajuni Nov 1, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Harman gives the bank papers to Acuni and asks him to dial Aman. Adjuni leaves when Chanku bumps into her and switches roles from her without seeing Acuni.

Acuni brings papers to Aman. Aman says that I’m sorry for being angry today. Acuni says that he is fine, asks him to sign the papers. Acuni gets a call from Harvinder and he distracts her as a salesman. Aman continues to sign the papers without reading to Acuni. Harvinder arrives and says that you have done a lot for me. What do you say Juni? Harvinder says you had Aman sign these divorce papers. Acuni and Aman are shocked. Harvinder says the divorce is done, so we’re not related. Aman sits at her feet and cries, she says you can’t leave me. Harvinder tells Acuni you have done my job now I can marry Shikha so thank you. She leaves from there. Harman gets there and asks Acuni why he asked her to sign the divorce papers. I gave you the bank papers. I can’t believe you did this to ajuni. Aman cries and asks Acuni why you did this. Harman says you were jealous that he gave Aman powers? Aman says I don’t want any power. Aduni says believe me, he didn’t know anything about those papers. You know I can’t do that. Aman says a lot, you have done a lot. Akuni says we’ll go to court and tell them they caught you. Aman says you caught me, she yells at him to go away. Acuni cries and walks out of there. Herman smiled.

Harvinder leaves the house but Acuni beats him to it. She says why did you do all this? I know you switched roles. Harvinder says you can say it, but no one will trust you now. He goes away.

Aman cries and tells Harman that he trusted Ajuni more, so why did he do this? Harman says that she is jealous that you have all the powers. He also helped bring Harvinder to his side, but he sacrificed you. You know we go to town every year, so you have to go now. You’re still our daughter-in-law, so don’t worry. Haman go. Harman says if you want to live in this house, be like a queen. You can take revenge on Acuni by staying here. Aman says that I will not keep quiet until I get my revenge on Ajuni.

Rajveer is furious and tells his friend that he can’t understand Akuni. He asks what happened? Rajveer says that we were happy, we went to the hotel and then she becomes uncomfortable. Her friend asks what happened in the middle. Rajveer says that Guruji came to bless us. Rajveer remembers how Dolly wanted to tell him something about Guruji. Rajveer says that they are hiding something. I’m going to check.

Mangi approaches Bebe and tells her that some party people are coming, so Ravindra asks her to cook him something. Bebe asks Aman to start the preparations.

Aman arrives in the kitchen. Acuni is there, so Aman tries to move her. She asks Chanku to leave and sees Acuni. Aman asks him to cook it soon, make no mistake. She gets out of there. Ajuni look.

Ravindra takes her guests home. They all sit down for lunch. She asks Acuni where the non-vegetarian food is. Acuni says that worship is taking place in our house, so I did not non-vegetarian. Ravindra says we can go to the farm and eat there. All the guests leave. Ravindra calls Aman and Ajuni. He asks who made this food. Ajuni look.
PRECAP – Rajveer catches Mangi and asks him to tell what is happening in the house. Mangi tells him that Guruji had said that if you become one with Acuni, you will die. On the other hand, Aman tells Acuni that you are against me because I have the keys to the house. Acuni says that it is not. Aman slaps him hard and tells him that his days will be over soon. i will fight you now

Update Credits: Atiba

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