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Ajooni 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajveer comes to meet Ajooni

Aduni Oct 11, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Bebe takes Harman to Ravindra and tells him that this woman is useless. She is on Acuni’s side, so she shows him her place. Ravindra gives the servant some instructions. Harman says that Rajveer loves Acuni very much, so I asked him to bring her back. The servant brings some ropes to a board. Harman cries but Bebe catches him. Harman says don’t do this to me. They tie her to a pillar, Bebe says that you will spend the night here. When Rajveer gets there, Harman cries and asks to be released. He is about to free her, but Ravindra stops her. Rajveer says that I will not make a second marriage except for Ajuni. Ravindra says stop this drama, she says they will play a game? If you win, I’ll do what you say, but if you lose, you’ll do what you say. Rajveer accepted it. Ravindra plays a card game with her. She asks Rajveer to show her card. She won Rajveer. She tells Ravindra that I will win every game. He tells her that he will bring Acuni back at all costs. Ravindra says how? I will give you 3 days, if you can bring him back, then it is not good, then I will marry you again. Harman asks Rajveer to go and bring him back. Bebe also gives him electric shocks. Rajveer left.

Shikha sits down with Harvinder. She says that now we will get married. Shikha says that Aman didn’t divorce you, as long as he is alive you can’t get married again, what if Ajuni brought the case? I don’t want him in the house. Harvinder says I’ll kill him. Shikha says you tried it before but it didn’t work. Why can’t you divorce him?

Harvinder brings the divorce papers to Aman and asks her to sign them, otherwise he will kill her.

Rajveer leaves Acuni’s house. He rings her doorbell, Akuni opens the door and is surprised to see her. Rajveer smiles seeing her. Acuni says why are you here? I told you I wouldn’t come with you. It’s late so go away, I hate you and I won’t come back to you… It became Rajveer’s dream. He is about to ring the bell but some dogs bark at him. Meeru and Acuni go out and Rajveer hides. Meeru says that I am afraid of dogs. Akuni says not to worry about her and goes back home with her. Rajveer had an idea.

Harvinder asks Aman to sign the divorce papers. Aman says you can kill me but I won’t sign these papers. Bebe gets there and says Ravindra told you not to do anything with him, he’s running for election, so don’t make a mistake. She asks Aman to go to the temple and do puja for Ravindra. She says I will.

Rajveer jumps out the window and enters Ajuni’s room.

PRECAP – Rajveer tries to wake up Acuni, she freaks out and kills him with a bat, mistaking him for a thief. Later, Akuni tells Rajveer that you never loved me, you just showed me. Love is won with love not at gunpoint, can you win it? Rajveer is watching.

Update Credits: Atiba

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