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Ajooni 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajooni stands up against Harvinder and Bebe

Aduni Nov 10, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Acuni takes Aman to the women’s wellness center. Head asks Karuna what happened. Akuni says I’m from the Bagga family, Karuna says you’re Ravindra’s daughter-in-law? Acuni says that she does, she introduces Aman to him and says that her husband wants to remarry without her permission, even forced her to get a divorce. Karuna says we will help you but she wants to go against Ravindra… you know Ravindra finances us. Aduni says that if she can’t help us, just say this, if she refuses to help us, I’ll also complain about her organization. Karuna gets scared and asks the name of her husband? Ajuni says Harvinder Bagga. Karuna says that I will help you.

Shikha is furious and tells Harvinder that you are a fool, that you couldn’t control Aman and Ajuni. Harvinder says I won’t lose like this.

Harvinder arrives at his room to find Aman sleeping there. He tries to kill her but Aduni and Karuna get there. Acuni says that I told you that he wants to kill her. Bebe and her family come there. Karuna says we’re from women’s welfare, we’ll call the police for Harvinder. Bebe asks him to stop, what’s going on? Who called them? Acuni says that I called him because Harvinder wanted to kill Aman. All these women saw it. Harvinder catches me and takes his signatures on the divorce papers and he wants to marry Shikha. Bebe slaps Harvinder. She tells Karuna that we will take care of this family matter and then we will leave. I promise you this will not happen again. Karuna leaves from there. Harvinder says that Harman was behind this. Harman says for him to stop all this, he’s lying. Bebe says I have to fix it. She brings a stick and asks Harman to hit her. Harman cries and hits Harvinder. He’s leaving. Bebe tells Acuni that you shouldn’t have brought others into this matter, you could have told me all this. Acuni says you never listen to me. Bebe says how dare you answer? She is about to slap him, but Ajuni stops her and says enough. You kept punishing Harvinder but he never changed. What is the guarantee that he will not try to kill Aman again? You can’t promise this. She takes Aman from there. Girl is furious.

Aman brings medicine for Harvinder but Harvinder yells at him and asks him to leave. Harman asks Aman to go sleep with Aman. She left. Harman cleans her wounds and says she must be hurting you? Harvinder says to stop acting. Harman says we have to be careful. I’ll take care of that ajuni.

In the morning, Akuni leaves the house and finds a man there. He says that I am the same man who was accused of trying to attack Rajveer but never tried to kill him. I just want to tell you that Rajveer is in danger, he is getting out of there. Akuni worries about Rajveer. she calls him

Rajveer is at the electoral office, receives a call from Ajuni but is disconnected.

Acuni arrives at the hotel where they stayed and shows Harvinder’s photo. The receptionist says that she came here before the fan fell on Rajveer. Akuni thinks I have to expose Harvinder.

The minister arrives at the election office and congratulates Rajveer. Karuna arrives there with her women and sings against Ravindra. She tells him that we have a complaint that you harass her women. Everyone is shocked.

PRECAP – Ravindra comes home and yells at Akuni for calling women’s welfare people into the house. Acuni says that I won’t keep quiet anymore without showing the mistakes of this family.

Update Credits: Atiba

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