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Agnisakshi 25th January 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Agnisakshi Jan 25, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins when the doctor informs Pallavi and me that Jeevika cannot conceive. Aai asks what does this mean? The doctor says that she cannot be a mother. Ai cries and says that this has happened to the girl she named her children. The doctor says I can understand her pain. Satvik’s sister-in-law listens to them. Aai and Pallavi visit Jeevika, when the doctor reminds them that she is in no condition to receive bad news. Aai cries seeing Jeevika and puts her hand on her stomach. She remembers massaging her hair and telling her that her baby would make her work. Jeevika says that she wants 6 children and she has already thought of her names.

Pallavi goes to the doctor and asks him to call the police. The doctor says that Satvik completed all the paperwork and paid the bills. Pallavi says if the life of the poor is cheap. She says that she will call. The doctor asks why you didn’t stop him when he brought her here and she was completing all the paperwork. Pallavi says that she will call the police now. The doctor tells her that her father is in ICU and asks her not to call the police. Satwik’s sister-in-law arrives there and says that she needs to talk to him. She says that life is precious whether you are rich or poor. Pallavi looks at her bracelet. Satvik hears Aai crying sitting on Jeevika’s bed. He feels her pain.

Satwik’s sister-in-law tells Pallavi that it wasn’t his fault. Pallavi asks who will marry Jeevika now that she cannot be a mother. She says who will marry her and says that she will be a burden on them. She then says that her dream was to get married and have children and that life without dreams would become a burden for her. The nurse asks Aai to come out as Jeevika can hear in an unconscious state. Satvik sees Jeevika through the window pane and feels bad. Pallavi tells Satwik’s sister-in-law that she will go to the police. Satvik’s sister-in-law says that he will find a boy for Jeevika who will love and understand her and marry her. Pallavi asks who will get married when Jeevika cannot be a mother. Bhabhi says that she will not tell the boy or her family about this. Pallavi says that her family will never agree and says that Jeevika is the epitome of truth, even if Aai agrees. The sister-in-law says that Jeevika will not know. Aai tells Swara that Jeevika’s dream is hurt. The sister-in-law asks Pallavi to help her. She vows to find a perfect life partner for him.

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