Agar Tum Na Hota 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Niyati is pregnant with Abhimanyu’s child

Agar Tum Na Hota 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Niyati is pregnant with Abhimanyu’s child

Agar Tum Na Hota 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Niyati is pregnant with Abhimanyu’s child

Agar Tum Na Hota 4th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Angad stabs the table, thinking how Niyati said that the property will be owned by him, Angad thinks that this entire property will not belong to him until Manorama ji is alive, Abhimanyu enters the room and says That he is planning to kill the mother, Abhimanyu takes the knife and mentions that he always knew that Angad is using his love, but he never thought that Angad would fall so low and one of the papers There is clause which states that if Manorama dies due to any natural cause, the entire property will go to trust, so Angad should pacify himself. Abhimanyu warns that if the mother also gets a bruise because of him and tries to do some accident and she suffers because of that, Abhimanyu says that he will ruin her, Angad thinks that when he If he himself comes to this house, how will he ruin it? An instrument of destruction for Abhimanyu Pandey.

Niyati opens the door of the room at night, she is amazed to see how well it is decorated, Niyati starts walking with a smile on her face, she is mesmerized by the level of the setting, Abhimanyu follows her. calls from, the lights are on but and he is standing in front of the door. Abhimanyu slowly starts walking towards her, he holds her hand, then pulls her to him, they both are really close and he kisses her on the forehead, Abhimanyu mentions that he can’t believe she he has a wife, he doesn’t know how to express it she understands everything even when she says no, because he has a fateful relationship with her that will last a lifetime, for him that means love and he longs to come Wants to spend his life loving her so close to her that there is no way for her to go. Niyati and Abhimanyu both get romantic with each other and close their eyes. Fate turns back but he still draws her to him. Abhimanyu walks towards Niyati who begins to take his steps back, she is constantly looking him in the eyes while she is not even blinking, he gets closer to her once again. They both finally lay down in bed and put an end to all their differences.

In the morning Amma ji is doing puja while mami ji and devi are standing, Manorama worships standing away, she requests for prasad when Amma ji replies that it has been two months and she is still standing in front of him But why doesn’t she understand that after knowing her truth no one in the family wants to see her face, she got the property but lost all relations with the family, she left.

Angad tells that she needs three lakhs, will she give herself or she will have to beg from them, she has to give preference as he will also perform aarti in temple, Manorama questions why he is saying everything like this. Yes, she will give him the money today when Angad replies that still he has to request her every time.

Gajendra Pandey is trying to stand in the bedroom with the stick, he is about to fall when Manorama helps him, however when she offers him prasad he pushes him away but he tries to leave, Manorama Tells that she knows she is not worthy to apologize but he can at least try to forgive her, Gajendra Pandey replies that he will not make the same mistake twice and that Manorama’s face only appeals to all of them. Hides until Abhimanyu finds out the truth about her because then she won’t be able to live all over UP, Manorama is unable to lift her head, Gajendra leaves when Amma ji calls her for breakfast Is.

Mami ji is with Devi when Amma ji says that she has made Gajendra’s favorite paratha, destiny is walking down the stairs but she suddenly starts feeling dizzy, Amma ji gets upset seeing her, so both of them have their own Asks to take care, Mami ji and Devi both help her to sit on the chair, Niyati tells that she is feeling dizzy and vomiting in the morning, she thinks it is due to indigestion and Kinkar agrees to bring the medicine but Amma ji stops him saying that she should arrange a band instead. Kinkar questions what she is saying when Amma ji tells that she is telling the truth as destiny is about to become a mother. Everyone is really happy, Manaroma also comes to hug him that his Munna is going to be a father, Gajendra asks Kinkar to take him for shopping as he is going to buy a lot of toys for his grandson Kinkar also tells that he will become an international cricketer too, Devi questions what they are talking about as it could be a girl too, Mr. Pandey replies that he is not worried that Is it a boy or a girl because he is only interested in becoming a grandfather. Destiny is smiling.

Entire Pandey family is waiting when Kinkar is also trying to call Abhimanyu but he is not answering which worries Kinkar, Manaroma tells that Angad has sent him for some work. Mr. Pandey says that his son has made the owner of this house a servant and Abhimanyu is doing all the work just to fulfill the promise, everyone is excited to hear that the doctor reveals that Niyati is pregnant. Amma ji tells Gaju to leave and calls Sulochana and Ram to inform that they too are going to be grandparents. She also asks Devi and Roopa to hurry up and prepare the pudding.

Manorama enters the room praising Niyati, Gajendra enters the room and asks where is she taking her daughter-in-law, Niyati replies that mother is taking her for some good reason, Gajendra replied that he should not expect anything good from this woman, as both Abhimanyu and himself are really big hearted but he can never trust her again, destiny tells that mother only did all those things because She is a mother and today she realized that she is going to be a mother so really her right, she wronged Abhimanyu but felt angry at her actions and so every hurt is filled with forgiveness, Niyati Manorama leaves. Angad while working out thinks that he will keep asking for three million one by one and will ruin the entire Pandey family.

Manroma performs rituals with Niyati and even gives her shogun, she tells that she is going to give this child the love she didn’t give to Abhimanyu and never made any mistake, Amma J. Manroma is pushed away saying that there is no need to worry about Abhimanyu’s child as his entire family is there to protect him, Amma ji advises him to take care of his son as he is so bad in happy times. With faces looking at them, Angad thinks that now he is going to show the child of the Pandey family what it’s like to live like an orphan.

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