Agar Tum Na Hota 21 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Angad plans to harm Nidia

Agar Tum Na Hota 21 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Angad plans to harm Nidia

Agar Tum Na Hota 21 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Angad plans to harm Nidia

Agar Tum Na Hota 21 April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Abhimanyu suggests that they need to take Nidya to the hospital, Niyati agrees that he carries her in his arms while Niyati sits in the car holding Nidya, Abhimanyu leaves in a hurry, Angad comes out of the bushes Angad is really angry, he calls someone in anger, telling him about the whole plan.

Niyati is crying, Abhimanyu and Niyati both try to wake her up but she is not responding, Niyati requests her to drive faster and they reach the hospital, Abhimanyu knocks on the door by removing Nidya from his hands , the doctor is shocked to see the opening. Both of them are shocked when Niyati asks her to see that she is not awake, the beggars are also following them and they both call Angad to tell him how to reach the doctor but the child is still alive. is also unconscious.

The doctor is examining Nidya when Niyati tries to question what has happened to her daughter as she has lost consciousness three times in the past two days and therefore needs a diagnosis, the doctor however insists. That she will give it only after running the test, meanwhile they should go out and wait, however Niyati refuses to release her daughter, Abhimanyu advises her to let the doctor do his job and she should come out , but Niyati insisted not to leave her daughter, she held her hand and told her to come out. Pulls to Nidia who is still standing at the door and looking inside while the doctors check on Nidya.

Inspector questions Angad that how can he do anything, because he first made a mistake by giving a child to the beggars and then also revealed the whole truth to the beggars, which Niyati’s daughter heard but how did she reach home, Angad on her Throws champagne why is he trying to make her remember all her mistakes while he was called to help her, Inspector explains that there is something beneficial for him because when Angad says he doesn’t He can be set free from all matters. Has a smart mind because he is no longer interested in the truth, but the child needs to die because the only reason he has this wealth is because of the pain Abhimanyu suffered six years ago, he allows the child to ruin it all cannot give. Angad mentions that Abhimanyu has taken Nidya to the clinic of the same doctor who had come to the house to check on her and he knows her assistant. When the inspector says nothing to worry, Angad asks for his two men. But the Inspector replies that he has. Angad angrily replies, yet he only needs his men, who have been locked up, because no one knows when to turn. The inspector says that Angad has a clever mind, when Angad says that whoever tries to bring both Abhimanyu and Niyati closer, will have to die.

Both Abhimanyu and Niyati are standing outside the door of the room and not able to tolerate the injection which is taking out blood, Niyati asks her to leave as she can manage on her own when E replies that she has to give her lecture. Not interested in listening but he cares for Nidya too, she questions where was this care when he told his truth to Nidya, Abhimanyu replies that it was all his fault when he took his daughter to his father’s side. Not telling the truth about her, Niyati questions what she could have told him that she didn’t even know the truth about her parents, she reveals that the day she lost her guru, when she followed in the footsteps of the temple Found Nidya, someone had left her there, Abhimanyu was shocked. Niyati reveals that she has brought him up as a blessing from Mata Rani, and because of that she has got the strength to live, so how can she ruin that child’s confidence. Niyati sits down when Abhimanyu asks if Nidya is not his daughter.

Niyati wipes his tears and tells that he has told the whole truth to Nidya so he won’t be able to use her against Niyati, Abhimanyu questions what she is saying, he mentions that he thought she could do it without him. was cursing for some reason and he gave pain because she thought he married someone else then there is nothing to think about him, she thinks he befriended his daughter so that he would take revenge on her If so, how could she think so little of him? Niyati replies that when she can’t blame a mother for killing her own daughter why can’t she think so, Abhimanyu tells her to shut up when the doctor comes out to ask if they can do it. What are they doing as a clinician, they both apologize and ask her Nidya when the doctor explains that they have taken blood samples, but will be monitoring her for some time. Niyati requests him to order Abhimanyu to leave as she is the mother and the only one who should be allowed to stay, Abhimanyu says that he should also tell Niyati that he also cares for her, the doctor questions that What is the problem because that is the mother should be allowed to stay when she should also let him be because he can help with anything.

Angad is with the inspector when the constable brings both criminals, the inspector tries to introduce them, but Angad says he just wants to know if they are trustworthy when he calls the beggars who say nurse. Said that she is still unconscious, Angad asks both of them to make sure that she is not awake.

Abhimanyu stands with Niyati when he gets a call from Kavya who asks where is she as she came to his room, he explains that she is busy so will read the story to him tomorrow but Kavya starts banging the room When he asks what is she doing, Meera asks what is she doing, Kavya asks her to scold uncle because he was Nidiya at the time of his story and even when he Ruined his birthday, Abhimanyu tries to explain that she is his best niece and that he will definitely read the story tomorrow, Meera says she shouldn’t listen to him, so asks if Nidya is okay when Abhimanyu explains. That he found her on her way home but she fainted, Meera is worried because it is not right for a child to faint like this in two days. Abhimanyu tries to convince Kavya that he will read the story tomorrow but she threatens to break everything in the room, Abhimanyu assures that he is coming while Niyati hears that she has asked him, as she has to And there must be a life with Guria.

Abhimanyu is waiting for Nidya when Niyati brings the wheelchair, he offers to drop them but she says that he has already helped her a lot so that she can manage on her own, he says to be so stubborn No need but she replies that she doesn’t need her help, he stands in front of her to look at his watch when she questions what he is doing, he says she wants to check it Knowing how long it will take her to get the auto, Niyati replies that she doesn’t want this childish behavior when he says that she is the one who is being childish, did she really think that she would kill them both at night Will leave like this, Abhimanyu going in car and says you should not bring this kid amidst their hatred, destiny agrees but he is not able to lift Nidya, he asks her to sit in car While he is going to help her and hence puts Nidya in the car.

Angad advises both of them to make sure that they complete their work and then go back to the lockup as on record they were locked up for the whole night, they reach the clinic when the beggars come running, stating that they Both have just left, when she says that the child’s mother is the same woman who was asking about the child held by Jhumki on the steps of the temple six years ago, she questions what she wants from that child. . Angad thinks that Niyati has raised his daughter in the footsteps of the temple six years ago and that she will surely be his own daughter, thinking that he gets upset.

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