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Actress Ishita Dutta comes out in support of Tina Datta

Bigg Boss Season 16 provides its viewers with all the masala needed to make mustard out of thin air. There are many topics that are blown out of proportion and there are some that definitely need to be discussed together.

Tina Dutta recently saw the real side of her colleagues and broke down after hearing lewd comments from Shiv Thackeray mocking her birthday. While there were many who came to her rescue, some made hollow comments about her career saying that she is worthless in the world outside of the Bigg Boss house. And this comment was made by none other than Sajid Khan.

When a leading newspaper contacted actress Ishita Dutta, who has done many hit shows and music videos. In a quick chat, he said, “Honestly, any actor who’s probably unlucky hasn’t worked for a few years. People have a say… not just people in the industry, but people outside as well. And yeah, TV actors, even though they say things have changed, people look down on them. And it’s extremely sad coming from a person who is part of the industry and knows how things work. Sometimes it’s situational and sometimes it’s a choice personal. It’s very sad that people in the industry are making such comments. To be honest, I’m not following this season so I don’t know what’s going on, but whoever makes such a statement, I honestly have no words… I find it embarrassing, it’s very disrespectful and no one should talk like that and i mean the person who says that should look in the mirror at some point.

Speaking of Tina, Ishita said, “I don’t know Tina personally, but I know for a fact that she works a lot. This is because a particular person hasn’t watched a particular show or whatever they did, you can’t comment like that.

You have worked a lot! He’s a very popular name, say his name, people know who he is… so I think he’s really made an impression! And now he’s on Bigg Boss, which is another addition to the list of things he’s done.

Tina Dutta has been in the spotlight since day one and is being praised by her fans and critics alike. What is her opinion of her screen presence in Bigg Boss 16?

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