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26 February 2022 Written Episode Update: Prem Ka Master Plan

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Prem offers Paragi a bribe and says that she can use the powers of her IAS officer and fix the marriage of her son Akshay with Ashi. Sushma is overjoyed to hear this while the others are shocked. Ashi comes in. Prem says that she can keep more jewelry as Shagun and fix Ashi and Akshay’s marriage. Paragi goes to get Ashi’s opinion. Akshay apologizes for shocking Sanjay and says that he did not want to spoil their childhood friendship and family ties. Sanjay accepted her offer and happily embraced her. Sushma thanks Prem for accepting Ashi as her daughter-in-law. Paragi goes to Ashi and says that she should be shocked by the proposal, but she should consider her sister-in-law as her friend and sister and reveal what she has in mind. Ashi says that she lied to Akshay since childhood and was scared wondering if a perfect man would like her. Paragi gets happy and says let’s go out and inform about our decision. Sanjay walks with Akshay and feeds Ashi and Paragi dumplings/sweet balls and asks Ashi and Akshay to express their feelings for each other.

Paragi reached A1 factory for inspection. Batra asks if he got the papers and warns him not to make any mistake this time. Paragi says that she does not know who is the owner of A1 factory. Prem goes out with Akshay and asks if she has come for factory inspection and asks Akshay to make sure that the sister-in-law feels comfortable in their cabin. Batra stops Paragi and sends his PA Misraji for inspection and asks Paragi to follow him. Prem and Akshay get tensed.

Pramod tells Sanjay that his investor backed out of his project. Sanjay says he need not worry, he will get investor as his project is one of the prestigious projects of Bhopal. Sushma tells Pramod that Ashi’s alliance has been finalized with great difficulty and she is not getting any special pendants which they gift after the alliance is finalised. Pramod says he will investigate at some other places. Baby says she will ask her Delhi relative to check there. Sanjay assures Sushma that she will get a permanent pendant.

Paragi tells Batra that she didn’t really know that Prem and Akshay are the owners of A1 factory and met them only yesterday evening and morning. Batra asks why he should trust her as he saw them talking to her as if they know her well and says that they should prove themselves by doing a fair investigation. Paragi has promised to submit a fair report to him. Batra says he is watching her. Akshay tells Prem that he may have to close his factory if this inspection continues. Love calls this factor everything for him and he will do anything to save it. He calls Vinod and says that he met his pandit, who suggested Akshay and Ashi’s engagement as sons. Vinod is amazed and asks how can he make arrangements so quickly. Prem says they can perform the rituals later and wants to bring Ashi to their family first. Vinod agrees.

Love smiles. Sanja searches for pendants all over the market and does not find it. He sees a couple enjoying ice cream and remembers Paragi. He calls her. Back at the factory, Mishra informs Batra that he inspected the factory and found no child labor there. Akshay grumbles that he had already hidden the laborers. Batra asks where is Paragi. Paragi leaves to talk to Sanjay on the phone. Batra’s tongue reprimands her that she was busy on personal phone while on duty etc. Akshay and Prem discuss that women are better at home and not as IAS officers.

Paragi takes Batra aside and says that she was working on the phone to mislead Prem and Akshay and shows the lollipop stick that she found them in the dustbin and proves that it was a child laborer. were involved. Batra says adults can eat lollipops too. Paragi says that poor children who did not get lollipops and ice cream in their childhood used to bite even sticks. They think their poor childhood looks the same. She assures to do a proper investigation and report him soon and works to apologize to him. Batra leaves. Prem feels sorry for Paragi. Paragi says she need not worry and wonders why God is testing her relationships.

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