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Kanakdas Jayanti 2022 Quotes, Images and Wishes Why is it celebrated?

Kanakdas Jayanti 2022 being celebrated today 11 November 2022, Birth of Kanak Das. happened on December 03, 1509, Bara, Shiggaon, in the Vijayanagara Empire (Haveri District, Karnataka, India). This festival is celebrated in his memory, Haridas was a saint and philosopher.

Kanakdas Jayanti 2022

Kanak Das popularly known as Dasshreshtha Kanakadas was a ruler, saint, poet, philosopher and musician by profession. The festival ‘Kanakdas Jayanti’ is celebrated all over Karnataka. His father’s name was Birappa and mother’s name was Bachhamma.

Kanakdas Jayanti 2022 This year it is falling on November 11, 2022 as it is the 18th day of Kartik month. The birth of Dashashreshtha Kanakadas is a public holiday only in the state of Karnataka. He wrote philosophies, which are Dvaita Vedanta and Vaishnavism, these philosophies are read by thousands of individuals.

Carnatic music which is also Carnatic Sangeet or Carnatic Sangeetam, was composed by Dasashreshtha Kanakadas, he was not only a famous musician, moreover, he was a portman, a social reformer and a musician. He is famous in Carnatic for Ugabhog and Kirtan, which are part of Carnatic music.

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Why is Dashashreshtha Kanakdas Jayanti celebrated?

Dasashreshtha Kanakadas Jayanti is celebrated in the memory of Kanakadas, due to which beautiful Carnatic Sangeet i.e. Carnatic Sangeet or Carnatic Sangeet exists, because he was also a social, through his beautiful poetry he shows people the right path to strengthen brotherhood. Were. between two religions of the people.

In 2008, the Government of Karnataka celebrated his birth as ‘Kanakdas Jayanti’ festival. This festival is celebrated every year on the 18th day of the month of Kartik.

Dasashreshtha Kanakadas is followed by followers of all religions, because of his idealistic thoughts, those who read about him, lose themselves in a new world. On the day of Kanakadasa Jayanti, people also organize a program and perform beautiful Carnatic music or Carnatic music. On this day people also share the thoughts and teachings of Kanakadas with others.

Dasbest Kanakdas writing

Here are five famous and most read articles of Dashashreshtha Kanakadas.

  1. Nalcharitre
  2. Haribhaktisar:
  3. narsimhastav
  4. Ramdhanyacharitre
  5. mohantarangini

You will be surprised to know that he has written 240 compositions of Carnatic music, which are Kirtan, Ugbhog, pada and philosophical songs.

Apart from 5 famous compositions, he has also written 100 and 50 beautiful songs in Kannada and English language respectively, which are published in popular books.

Kanakdas Das Jayanti Images 2022

You can download the images and send them to your family or friends to wish Kanakdas Jayanti 2022.

Happy Kanakdas Jayanti

Happy Kanakdas Jayanti 2022

Kanakdas Jayanti

Kanakdas Jayanti Quotes

Kanakdas Jayanti Quotes 2022

Below we have shared some Kanakdas Jayanti 2022 quotes which you can share with your family and friends.

  • Salute to the great soul ‘Dasashreshtha Kanakadas’ due to whom Carnatic music exists. Happy Kanakdas Jayanti 2022!
  • Sing Carnatic Sangeet or Carnatic Sangeet and celebrate this beautiful day. Wishing you a very Happy Dusshreshtha Kanakdas Jayanti 2022!
  • On this occasion, we all came together and celebrated the festival by singing the music of Dashashreshtha Kanakdas. Happy Kanakdas Jayanti 2022!

Happy Kanakdas Jayanti 2022

Send beautiful Kanakdas Jayanti 2022 and celebrate this festival.

  • On this occasion of Kanakadas Jayanti, hum Carnatic music and celebrate this beautiful festival. Happy Kanakdas Jayanti 2022!
  • Music is like medicine, as today is the birthday of the father of Carnatic music, so sing the poems and songs written by him on this day and celebrate this festival.
  • On this occasion of Dashashreshtha Kanakdas Jayanti, share the words of our Guru Kanakdas with your friends and family and celebrate this beautiful festival.

Kanakdas Jayanti 2022: Frequently Asked Questions

When is Dashashreshtha Kanakdas Jayanti celebrated?

Dashashreshtha Kanakdas Jayanti is celebrated on the 18th day of Kartik month, this year it is going to be celebrated on 11 November 2022.

Is Dashashreshtha Kanakdas Jayanti a public holiday?

Yes, only in Karnataka there is a public holiday on the occasion of Dashashreshtha Kanakadas Jayanti.

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