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Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date & Time, Episode-Wise

chainsaw man anime release date 11 October 2022, This is the most awaited by millions of people who have already read this comic. This anime is basically going to be released TX network, it will stream on Crunchyroll Worldwide, the release time is different for different time zones, you can get the details subject to it by the end of the article.

chainsaw man anime release date

The most awaited Chainsaw Man anime based on the most read comic is all set to stream on Crunchyroll. 11 October 2022 (09:00 AM Pacific Time), will be the total number of 12 episodesThe first episode will be streamed on Tuesday and then next 11 episodes Will release one by one every week.

All 12 episodes will be released on Crunchyroll in the next three months, after watching the first episode you will have to wait a week for the second. Episode 1 of Chainsaw Man Anime the title would be “dog and chainsaw“. In India, this anime will be released by 09:45 on the scheduled date.

anime chainsaw value
the director Ryu Nakayama and Makoto Nakazono
Author Hiroshi Seko
release date October 11, 2022 (09:00AM PT) (Episode 1)
platform Crunchyroll
release Whole world
parent network TX network
official website https://www.crunchyroll.com/

Those who are eagerly waiting for this anime will be able to watch it in English And Other regional languages on Crunchyroll. Only individuals who already have a subscription to Crunchyroll will be able to watch Episode 1 (Dog and Chainsaw) of the Chainsaw Man anime.

Chainsaw Man anime is an Action, Comedy Horror and Dark anime based on the manga series, written by Tatsuki Fujimoto (Japanese comedian) and published by Shueisha Inc., Its first part was published from December 03, 2018 to December 14, 2022 Feather shonen jumpando and the second part begins 13 July 2022 whose weekly publication is still in progress Shonen Jump+,

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chainsaw man release time

Chainsaw Man anime, written by Joe Hiroshi Seko and by direct Ryu Nakayama and Makoto Nakazono will release on Tuesday around the world at different times, you can checkout by time zone Release times are via Chainsaw Man anime table, which is available below.

Time Zone Time Date
quiet 09:00 am 11 October 2022
Central 11:00 AM
Eastern 12:00 am
British 05:00 PM
european 06:00 PM
Indian 09:30 PM
Philippines 12:00 am 12 October 2022
Japani 01:00 am
australian 02:30 am

chainsaw man anime release date

Chainsaw Man Release Date Episode-Wise

The makers of Chainsaw Man anime have not announced the release date and time of all 12 episodes of this series, check the table below to know the expected date.

case title release date
1. dog and chainsaw 11 October 2022
2. Chainsaw vs Bato 3rd week of October 2022
3. kill danjik Fourth week of October 2022
4. the gun is powerful 1st week of November 2022
5. minor Second week of October 2022
6. Explosion Explosion Explosion 3rd week of November 2022
7. in a dream 4th week of November 2202
8. super mess First week of December 2022
9. Bathing Second week of December 2022
10. feeling of a dog 3rd week of December 2022
1 1 Go get ’em, chainsaw value Fourth week of December 2022
12. birds and war 1st week of January 2023

On December 14, 2022, it was officially announced that MAPPA CoLtd is going to produce Chainsaw Man anime series, later, the trailer of this anime series was shown on June 27, 2021 at MAPPA Stage 2021. The evil character of Chainsaw Man is designed by Kiyotaka Oshiyama. and other characters by Kazutaka Sugiyama, and now until October 11th, 2022 it is going to stream today on Crunchyroll.

Comment: Chainsaw Man’s manga (Comic) was published in 12 volumes, the first volume in the original language and in the English version was released on March 04, 2019 and October 06, 2020. As of October 2022, the Chainsaw Manga manga has sold 16 million copies.

Where to watch Chainsaw Man anime episode 1?

To watch the first episode of Chainsaw Man anime you need to download the Crunchyroll application on Android or iOS, you can also visit Crunchyroll’s official website at https://www.crunchyroll.com/ to watch the anime after the official release. ,

To watch Chainsaw Man anime, you can use the following step-by-step guide, which we have listed below.

  • Navigate to the official website of Crunchyroll which is https://www.crunchyroll.com/,
  • On the official website of Crunchyroll, you will find an option of search (🔍) icon, tap on it and get redirected to the new webpage.
  • Now, you will have a text box, here you have to type ‘chainsaw man anime‘ and tap Search,
  • tap on Episode 1 (Chainsaw Man Anime) And check it by providing the login credentials.

Chainsaw Man anime release date: FAQ

When will the Chainsaw Man anime be released?

Chainsaw Man anime is scheduled for release on October 11, 2022 (9:00 AM Pacific Time).

Where to watch Chainsaw Man anime?

You can watch the Chainsaw Man anime on Crunchyroll by visiting https://www.crunchyroll.com/.

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