Be it dosa or idli, uttapam or appam, sambhar accompanies almost every dish of South India. Without which the taste of all these dishes also seems incomplete. If you find it difficult to make sambar or it does not taste like restaurant. So you can prepare sambar masala at home. Sambhar Masala is very easy to make and it only requires ingredients kept at home. So let’s know how the sambar masala will be prepared.

Ingredients of Sambar Spice

In making any spice, its ingredients have special importance. To make sambar masala, you will need two cups of dry Kashmiri red chili, sesame oil, three-fourth cup of coriander, half a cup of urad dal, one teaspoon of gram dal, one-fourth cup of tur dal, fenugreek seeds one teaspoon, black pepper Corn two spoons, a small piece of turmeric, curry leaves one cup.

How to make Sambar Masala

To make sambhar masala, heat a pan on the gas. As soon as the pan becomes hot, add Kashmiri red chilies. And dry roast for two minutes. Take it out and keep it in a separate pan. Then once the pan heats up and roast the coriander leaves. Unless its color changes. Take it out and keep aside and fry it by adding urad dal, chana dal and toor dal.

Roast all the lentils well for two to three minutes and keep aside. Then fry black pepper and fenugreek seeds in it. Also add turmeric powder and fry it. If you want, you can also use turmeric powder in place of turmeric powder. When the fenugreek seeds are roasted well and turn golden, add curry leaves along with the fenugreek seeds.

Let all the spices cool down. Once the spices cool down, flip them in a grinder jar. Grind well. Make a fine powder by stirring them two to three times and keep it in an air tight container. Your sambar masala is ready. Just use it to prepare sambar. Its taste will be amazing and sambar will also be ready soon.


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