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YouTube Go Live Together क्या है?

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YouTube has launched a new feature called “YouTube Go Live Together” it has been preserved, as is known by its own name. This is quite different from the previous live stream because in this one you can invite any guest with you.

This feature can be very useful for all those people who want to collaborate with other Creators on YouTube and want to interview or talk with another Creator, then in that case this feature can be very useful for you.

YouTube Go Live Together features There are also some benefits of using it, which have been told to you later in this article, you might have many questions related to it, about which you have been given complete information.

What is YouTube Go Live Together?

This is quite different from normal live streaming on YouTube, if you want to add someone else to your live stream then you should use this Go Live Together feature.

In this one, you can invite a guest with you, the process of which is very easy, the way you must have seen on Instagram Live that 2-4 people live together, it is also the same type.

But in Go Live Together, you can only add one guest with you. For which you will have to generate a link, with the help of that they will be able to join that live.

YouTube has also said that the YouTube Guidelines have been adhered to in this Go Live Together, if you don’t follow them, YouTube may take some action on it.

How to get the Go Live Together feature?

Many people may have a question about what is the criteria for getting this feature. ‘Cause the way that YouTube YouTube Partner Program This rule has been made for 4,000 viewing hours and 1,000 subscribers.

Therefore, a similar rule has also been maintained to get the Go Live Together feature, in which you must first complete at least 50 subscribers on your channel, only then can you get this feature.

youtube live together

As soon as 50 subscribers are completed on your channel, you will be able to use the YouTube Go Live Together feature, for this you do not need to make any changes to any settings.

Just keep in mind that there should be no Copyright Notice or Community Guidelines Notice on your channel, if only Warning has been given on your channel then in that case you can get this feature.

But no one should have Active Strike, only then can they take advantage of this feature.

How to use YouTube Go Live Together?

By the way, this feature must have been enabled on the channel of most of you, if you have no idea how to use it, don’t worry, we will give you complete information through this blog post.

So that you don’t have any problem using it, please let us know how to use Go Live Together.

Step 1:- First, when launching the YouTube app on your mobile device, sign in with the Google account from which you created the channel.

Step 2:- Now after opening the YouTube app, click on the + icon.

Step 3:- After this, you will get “YouTube Go Live Together” option, after clicking on it, click on Get Started button.

Step 4:- Now with the name you want to start that live stream with, enter the title, description and after selecting Not made for kids, click the Next button.

Step 5:- After that upload any Thumbnail you have created and use it for Live Stream and from there you will get Live Stream Link.

Step 6:- You can send that link to your guest’s WhatsApp or email, after clicking which they will join.

In this way, you can use Live Together Stream, yes, but this feature will only work on a smartphone, if you want to live stream via your computer, then it is not possible to do so.

That is why before doing Live Stream, you can keep your smartphone charged so that there are no interruptions during that broadcast.

Benefits of using this Go Live Together:-

If YouTube has launched this feature, it must have done so with some thought, it has many benefits, which we will tell you about in the points below.

  • If the Subscribers and Views are not increasing on your channel, then you can use this feature, because the Live Stream notification goes to both your Subscribers and Guests, which will probably bring more views.
  • If you want to collaborate with someone then this feature is very good because for Collab you have to record the video first and then send it which becomes a long process it will be very easy.
  • This is a nice feature for those people who make videos with interviews or podcasts, because in this, if you want to bring someone in your video who lives far from home, you can direct the live stream from them. interview.

Who will receive the Live Together Super Chat money?

Did you also have this question in your mind who will get the money for the Super Chats that will come in that live stream? So the answer in plain language is that many people give Super Chat on Live Stream so that their comment can be highlighted.

So the money received from them will be added to the Dashboard of the person who hosted you, if you joined the Live Together Stream of any channel as a guest then you will not get any money from him.

All those Super Chat Amount will go to the one who hosted that live stream.

FAQ: What is YouTube Live Together?

When to use YouTube Live Together?

If you want to collaborate with another YouTube creator or want to do an interview, then in that case you can use the Go Live Toether feature.

Can Go Live Together be done from a computer/laptop too?

No, YouTube has not yet incorporated this feature for computers. If you have to use it, you can only use the mobile version of YouTube.

Who will receive the money received from Go Live Together?

The person who will host this Live Stream must be the same person, the money received from Monetization and Superchat will be added to your account only.

What needs to be done to enable this Go Live Together feature?

Only 50 subscribers need to be completed on your channel and if there is no strike of any kind, you can use it.

Last words:-

Friends, I hope you enjoy the information provided by us. “YouTube Go Live Together” You must have liked this information about. if you youtube creator If yes, then you should use this feature.

You will get a lot of benefits from this which we have already told you about in this post, apart from this if you want any other information then you should let us know by commenting below.

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