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WEBP to PNG Image Converter – Free Online WEBP Image Converter

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When you download an image from any website, many of those images are in WEBP format, which is also known as a Chrome HTML document. WEBP is also an image format like JPG, PNG, but it only supports browsers. It cannot be shared in any application nor can it be opened on mobile. as such it is necessary WEBP image to PNG converter.

If you download an image in WEBP format and want to use it anywhere. So for this it is necessary that you first convert it to a universal support format. In such a situation, here we are going to give information about a free WEBP image converter. With which you can convert any WEBP image to PNG online.

Not many people know that just like PNG, JPG, and GIF, it is also an image format. Which is made by Google and its first version was released in 2010 and now it is used on many websites. Who is going to learn about this format to blog good quality content in a minimum size and here with Free Online WEBP Image Converter.

What is WEBP?

This is the correct way to write it in WebP and it is an image format. Which is made by Google. The main reason for doing this is that bloggers and developers can embed lossless images on the website in a reduced size. In such a situation, the loading speed of the site is also correct and the quality image is also visible.

Google announced in September 2010 that it was releasing a new image format and then released its first library in 2018. WebP is an open, lossless graphics format for the web that is supported by almost all browsers. That is why many people also know it by the name of HTML documents.

Currently, it supports everything from normal graphics to animated graphics and can be easily uploaded to any website. In such a situation, when an image is uploaded to any website, the web directly converts it into this format and the image loads quickly.

advantages and disadvantages


  • This is an open format.
  • You can create high quality lossless images.
  • Available for free.
  • It helps to speed up the loading time of the website.


Its biggest drawback is that it only supports web browsers. In such a situation, if you want to share the image of this format on any photo editing software or any social network, then it is not possible. So if you want to use it somewhere Convert WebP to PNG To have to do.

Free Online WEBP Image Converter

There are many Image Converter tools online that are used. Most of the tools are freely available and you can open these tools over the internet and then convert any image from one format to another.

Here we are going to talk about https://ezgif.com/ website and by using this we will convert WEBP to PNG image, so whoever needs it for any job can use this tool for free.

WEBP Image to PNG Converter

If anyone needs to convert any WEBP image to PNG. So for this, the method described here is the smartest and easiest. Convert in a few clicks and it becomes a usable image everywhere.

So let’s know the Complete Steps Guide on How to Convert Image.

Step 1. First, the website https://ezgif.com/webp-to-png must be opened in the browser.

Step 2. Now here you will get the option to Convert WebP to PNG/APNG.

Convert WebP to PNG/APN

Step 3Firstly, choose WEBP Image from Upload image from your computer option.

Upload WEBP ImageUpload WEBP Image

Step 4. Now upload the image to the app by clicking the Upload button.

Click to load WEBP imageClick to load WEBP image

Step 5. Now here you will find the Convert to PNG button, click on it.

Click to convert imageClick to convert image

Step 6. Now that the image has been converted, click save and save it.

Save converted imageSave converted image

In this way WEBP to covert PNG image It will be done and then you can save it and use it anywhere. Because PNG image format is supported everywhere and you can view the image using any software and photo viewer out there.

WEBP Image to PNG Converter Full information about it is here. In such a situation, we hope that you liked this post and got the information from here, it is a free way. Which can be used from anywhere only through the internet. So in such a situation, you share it on social media so that more people can get information.

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