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Web Stories बनाने के लिए 8 सबसे जरूरी Plugins

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Google just launched a new product, which is called Google Web Stories, you can earn $50-$100 per day, using this, even if you don’t have much technical knowledge, you can still earn money by creating web stories. .

In this blog of ours we tell you how to do Blogging and Earn Online, in which we have told you many ways before, this is a brand new thing where very few people create content so you will get more. There may be traffic.

To create good web stories, you’ll need plugins, so there’s something to it. Best plugins for web stories Today we will give you information about this and whoever wants to earn thousands of rupees every month using it must read this article completely.

What are web stories?

All the old bloggers among you, those people will know very well what a web story is and how it works, but those who do not have complete information about it, I want to tell you that every Android mobile has Google. Stories in that section called Stories has been added.

The way Instagram Stories works in a similar way, it has a lot of slides where you write text on photos and you can also apply effects on the text to make the story a bit interesting.

At present, all the people who are creating web stories on their site, Google is promoting them by itself and their site is getting thousands of rupees of traffic daily.

How does Web Stories work?

When you create a blog on WordPress, you get a lot of features that you can use even without coding knowledge, for example, if you want to style your site, then all free themes are also available on WordPress for that. right.

In the same way, there are plugins for different tasks that can make your work easier, you will also be told about the best plugins to create Web Stories, but before that you should know how Web Stories works.

There are two plugins in WordPress called Google Web Stories and Make Stories, with which you can create a web story, then they show up on Google Discover, the more people click on your story, the more traffic will come to your site.

If you have Google Adsense approval on your site and you have created more than 8 slides in the web story, some ads are shown between those slides, every time someone clicks on them, in return you will get money which is shown in your account. Google AdSense. in.

You can also promote content written by you on Web Stories, by doing this good traffic can go to your content or whatever you link to elsewhere.

The best plugins to create a web story

Now we will tell you about some important WordPress plugins, with the help of which you can create good web stories and generate lots of traffic by displaying them on Discover, for this we will tell you about all the plugins below that you can download. .

You will find all this in the option with WordPress Plugins, just go to Plugin > Add new plugin and search for and install the plugins by typing the names of the ones we have told you about.

  1. Google web stories
  2. Ranking Mathematics Seo
  3. Google Site Kit
  4. Updraft Plus
  5. WP Rocket
  6. short pixel
  7. AMP
  8. ad inserter

Let us now know how all these plugins work and what they are used for.

web stories

#1. Google web stories

To create Web Stories you will need this plugin, just like there is Gutenberg Editor in Google Docs or WordPress to write articles, the same way this plugin is used to create Web Story.

Here you have to make slides and after you add images to them you can write any text you have to write then any effect you want to add or background color you can do all sorts of things.

At the end, by writing the name, description and URL of the web story, it should be published, this way the Google Web Stories plugin is used.

#two. Ranking Mathematics Seo

Due to this plugin it becomes easy for you to work, for example, if you publish articles on your site, then you have to do On-Page Seo on it, but those who do not know this, have some problem.

With the help of this Rank Math Seo, you can check the SEO score on the page and it will tell you where there is an error.

To get web story index you need to create web story sitemap, for that you can create web story sitemap for free with the help of Rank Math Seo plugin.

For that, simply set it up by installing Rank Math Seo, then enable Web Stories in Modules and go to Sitemap Settings and turn on Include in Settings.

By doing this your blog Web Stories Site Map Generate With the help of which all web stories will be indexed.

#3. Google Site Kit

When you have to check your site traffic, you need to see Google Analytics or Google Search Console for which keywords the article ranks.

And in the same way, to see how many pageviews there were on Adsense or to see all these things like CTR, clicks, RPM, etc., one has to go to the Google Adsense website, a lot of time is spent on all this. to work.

That is why Google has brought a plugin called Google Site Kit, in which you can see all the things about your site in one place. There is only one condition for this, the email id from which you created the blog, everything must be linked to the same id.

As many people create a second email id to create a Google Adsense account, then they can’t get the benefit of it, at first they have to give permission only once, then all these things can be conveniently viewed in one place.

#4. Updraft Plus

I find this plugin very useful because there is a lot of data on your site, if it is deleted by mistake all your hard work will be wasted, so you can use this plugin.

With the help of this you can backup your site, many images are uploaded while creating web stories, many times the data is gone after changing the server, if you have backup data, by uploading you can get all. back again.

With this plugin, whenever you want, you can backup your entire site data.

#5. WP Rocket

If you are a blogger you will know very well how much site speed matters for ranking, if your site speed is not good then Google will never rank your site.

WP-Rocket helps a lot to increase the loading speed of the site, for that you just have to do some settings, after that the loading speed of your site becomes very good.

This also works great on Web Stories if your site loading speech is good, only then your Web Stories show up on Google Discover.

If you don’t know how to use WP-Rocket, search by typing “Best settings for WP-Rocket” and after applying the settings mentioned there, your site will be as fast as Rocket.

#6. short pixel

Those who have been blogging for a few days will know very well that Image Optimization is also part of On-Page Seo, in which all the photos you want to put in the article have to be optimized first or their size. to reduce.

Now creating web stories requires a lot of photos, now it will take a lot of time to optimize so many photos, for this you need to add short pixel plugin to your Wordpess plugin list as well.

With the help of this, you won’t have to optimize the photo over and over again, it does it automatically, that’s why you should install this plugin on your site.

#7. AMP

According to Google, the sooner your site opens, the more beneficial for you, it directly benefits your ranking, by installing the AMP plugin, your site opens immediately on mobile devices, and Google likes it very much too.

If you create Web Stories, then you must have seen AMP indexing issue there, if you want to fix it, you can convert your blog to AMP with this plugin, which can fix Web Stories indexing error occurs. .

#8. ad inserter

Google Adsense is considered to be the best way to make money from Web Stories, to place ads on Web Stories, you will need this plugin called Ad Inserter. If you’ve ever worked on web stories before, you’ll know that web stories don’t get as many good clicks.

Since there is not much profit from ads, you can add your post link to web story and earn money by displaying ads in the article with this ad embed plugin.

This is the method by which today many bloggers can earn thousands of dollars every month with Web Stories, if you also want to earn money then you can use this method.

If you create web stories for a country like US, UK, Germany instead of India, you can get more money because the CPC of these countries is good.

web stories [Free Course]

For those of you who are listening to this word Web Stories for the first time and want to earn money with it, then for that you can see the course prepared by us, do not be scared, after hearing the name of the course, here it did not cost you a single rupee.

This course is absolutely free for you, in it everything has been explained to you in detail, such as: – How to create web stories and all the information about installing all these necessary web stories plugins has been provided.

The video is shown below, you must watch it, this is a complete 54 minute web stories course, after watching this video, you can learn all things in one video.

If you want to learn something about Web Stories, please watch the above video completely, here you have been given A to Z information of Web Stories.

Last words:-

today we have you Best plugins for web stories It has been said about what can be very helpful for you, if you are not getting traffic from blogs or cannot earn then definitely do web stories.

You will get a lot of benefit from this because you have just started so now due to low competition you can easily generate lakhs of traffic. I hope you got a lot of information from this article.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to this, you can ask us by writing in the comment box below, you will definitely get the answer.

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