Vivo Y77 5G Review In Hindi – Vivo Y77 5G Specifications & Price In India

Vivo Y77 5G Review In Hindi – Vivo Y77 5G Specifications & Price In India

Vivo Y77 5G Review In Hindi – Vivo Y77 5G Specifications & Price In India

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Vivo has launched another great smartphone of its own, there will be many among you who are planning to buy a new smartphone. So you can take a look at this Vivo Y77 5G once. Vivo Y77 5G Review You will get information about. But before you will also get information about its specifications and price, so if Vivo is your favorite brand. Then this phone may be perfect for you.

Smartphones of other brands come in this price, but what is in this mobile. To find out what you can buy, you have to see the Review of the Vivo Y77 5G, where we have told you if it is beneficial to buy this phone or not.

Well nowadays most of the people buy smartphone just for this reason so that they can also play games with calls, online payments on that mobile, so let us also know whether this phone is a good device for gaming or not.

Vivo Y77 5G Specifications

Vivo Y77 5G has been launched in China on July 8, 2022. In the next month, this mobile may also be launched in India. If you also like to use the Vivo mobile and you are thinking of buying a new phone in a few days.

This new Vivo Smartphone can be special for you. Because it supports 80W fast charging. With the help of this, your phone will be charged very quickly. If you stay outside all day and don’t have time to charge your phone, then you need a similar smartphone.

At the price that this mobile comes out, 5G network support is being provided in almost all mobiles. But this news has not yet been received that how many bands have been in it. For this we will also have to wait for the launch of the phone in India.

Camera Rear camera = 50MP + 2MP

Front camera = 8MP

Processor MediaTek Dimension 930
Screen 6.64 inches (1080 × 2388), 120 Hz refresh rate
Drums 4500mAh
Storage 128GB + 256GB
connectivity 5G
Loading capacity 80W fast charge

1. Design

Vivo Y77 5G Design

Vivo Y77 5G Smartphone It is such that you will like this mobile as soon as you see it. If you have noticed, at the moment only two cameras are being given in almost all smartphones, which looks pretty cool to see.

A similar design has also been given to this mobile and Vivo phones are also very good in terms of design. It has a gradient design on the back that looks quite beautiful. If you use it without a cover, most people’s eyes will be on your phone.

I really like phones that have a perforated screen. They are very attractive to look at, in this mobile you will also be given a perforated screen. At this time there is no 3.5MM Jack in most mobiles. But in Vivo care phone, you will get 3.5mm jack, all use wired headphone. This is good news for those people.

2. Screen

6.64-inch screen with a resolution of 1080x2388 pixels6.64-inch screen with a resolution of 1080x2388 pixels

For the most part I have seen that who is going to buy a new phone, only looks at the camera and the processor of that mobile, while the screen must also be seen, then in this mobile you get a 6.64-inch screen which is a screen IPS-LCD. .

I want to say to all the people who are reading this review that if you are looking to buy this phone to play. So this phone has 120hz refresh rate, because of this you can see the graphics very well while playing games.

By the way, it would have been better if an AMOLED screen had been given instead of an IPS LCD at this price. Because the best screen is considered AMOLED.

3. Camera

The question of the majority would be that at this price they reach phones with 4 cameras. But I want to tell you that out of those four cameras, none of the two cameras are used. For this reason, now in most mobiles they are giving you only two cameras.

The main camera of this mobile has an opening of 50 megapixels (f / 1.8). With which you can click Portrait Photos. Tests were made taking photos both day and night, but it was found that its main camera is. Works very well.

A secondary camera is also provided that you can use to take micro photos. That is why an aperture of 2 megapixels (F/2.0) has been used.

In the Chinese variant, you can only record up to 1080P Full HD. At this price of heart, 4K recording was also going to be supported by it, now let’s see. When will the phone launch in India, whether or not 4K recording is available.

Along with this, the front camera is 8 megapixels, with the help of which you can make video calls and selfies.

4. Processor

When you do any work on your mobile device, a processor is required to run that software. If your mobile has a good processor installed. So you can do that job very quickly.

If you want to play from your mobile then you want to edit videos or any other such heavy task. So this way you will need a good processor. Vivo Y77 5G has MediaTek Dimensity 930 chipset which is Octa Core processor and based on 6NM.

With the help of this processor, you can make games and other things on your mobile. If we talk about playing BGMI game, then you can easily play it by keeping it in normal graphic settings. You won’t get any Frame Drop to look at And all the people who buy this mobile just for normal work, then those people will also not face any kind of problem like hanging or running slowly on the mobile.

5. Battery

The most important thing in a mobile is the battery if the battery will be less than mAh. So you will have to charge it over and over again, the price at which the mobile is being put. Almost the same battery is given in it. So in this Vivo Y77 5G Smartphone 4500mAh battery is provided.

What you can say is a good battery because in almost all smartphones that are at this price, you are given a very small amount of battery. Due to the 80W charging, you can charge it in a very short time.

Suppose you have to leave home somewhere in 15-20 minutes, then it takes so long to charge your mobile. So this mobile will be so charged that you can use it comfortably for two 4 hours.

6. RAM and storage

Where the rest of the mobile company manufactures two or three variants of all its mobiles, in Vivo there are 4 variants of this smartphone. 6GB+128GB, 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB and 12GB+256GB In this you will see many options.

You can buy them as per your need, suppose you don’t want more storage then you can go for a smartphone with 6GB RAM or 8GB RAM and others who have to store more photos or videos can look at the 256GB variant.

Speaking of RAM, here you are provided with LPDDR4X, with the help of which if you allow any app to stay in the background for a long time, it stores it inside RAM and as soon as you open that app, it will. turned on without any time.

UFS 2.1 is used for transfer speed on this mobile, but it would have been better if UFS 3.1 had been given instead.

Vivo Y77 5G Review

All your people who are already reading this blog of ours. You must know very well that all the phone reviews we do here are Genuine. Although this mobile is very good according to this price, but I have seen some drawbacks that I would like to tell you about.

First of all, the rear camera that has been given to this mobile. Works very well. But the camera that is located in the front. It would have been better if there was a 16-megapixel or 32-megapixel camera instead of just 8-megapixel.

And the second drawback that I saw is that IPS LCD screen is available on it. While the rest of the smartphone company also offers an AMOLED screen at the same price. The mobile battery is very good as well as the charging capacity is also very good. With the help of which you can easily play on your mobile.

Vivo Y77 5G price in India and launch date

Vivo Y series falls under the category of a budget smartphone, its price starts around 20000, if you want to buy a smartphone for less than 20000 then you can check out the Y series smartphones.

if we talk Vivo Y77 5G Release Date As for, no date has been officially released yet. Previously it has been seen that when Vivo launches a smartphone in China. So, in the next month, that mobile will also be launched in India, based on this, if seen, the Vivo Y77 5G launch date may also be in the month of August.

Let us know now also about the price of this smartphone. So here, as I was telling you, this mobile has been launched in total four variants. Whose price we have indicated through a table below.

6GB+ 128GB $16,890
8GB+128GB $18,890
8GB+256GB $21,890
12GB+256GB $23,499

Read more:

The price at which the Vivo Y77 5G Smartphone has been launched in China. Based on that, we have told you these prices. So when this mobile is launched in India then its exact price will be known, we have given you an idea that it can be launched almost around this price.

Friends, this is ours for you Vivo Y77 5G Review How did you feel after reading? Tell us in the comment below and if you need more information related to this mobile, only you can tell us, we will definitely answer your question.

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