Microplastics found in human blood – prevention, cause and effect

Microplastics found in human blood – prevention, cause and effect

Microplastics found in human blood – prevention, cause and effect

According to recent research, the world’s first study to see microplastics found in human blood mites in 77 percent of tested individuals. PET plastic is often used for the production of beverage bottles, food packaging and clothing. But, according to research, it is the most frequent form microplastics found in human blood, According to the authors, plastic particles can enter the body through air, food and drink.

microplastics found in human blood

For the first time, tiny plastic fragments smaller than 0.00002 inches (5 mm) in diameter have been discovered in human blood.

  • Polyethylene (PE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), polypropylene (PP), and polystyrene were among the polymers (PS) investigated.
  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) was discovered to account for about half of the microplastics found in blood samples, making it the most common plastic-type.
  • microplastics found in human blood, This plastic is transparent, strong, yet lightweight, and is often used for food and beverage packaging, such as convenience store items.
  • Meanwhile, according to researchers, polystyrene, which is used in packaging and storage, accounts for 36% of the microscopic particles detected in human blood samples.
  • Next is polyethylene, which is used to make plastic carrier bags, and polymethyl methacrylate, which accounts for 5% of the total.
  • Polypropylene was not detected in any of the blood samples.

According to the researchers, exposure to plastic can change the plastic structure of blood samples. For example, a participant who tested positive for microplastics recently had to consume coffee from a plastic-lined cup.

facts about microplastics

Here are some facts about microplastics, check them out and learn all about them.

  • Blood samples were taken from 22 anonymous healthy adult volunteers in the Netherlands.
  • Microplastics were identified in 17 samples, which is 77.2 percent.
  • Microplastics found in human blood are pieces of plastic less than 0.2 inches (5 mm) in diameter.
  • Scientists are still trying to figure out what happens if you eat these tiny particles.

Health effects of microplastics in human blood

According to a report published in the science journal Nature microplastics found in human blood, Research clearly examining the effects of microplastics on people has yet to be published. The only data available now is from laboratory tests in which rats or mice were fed large amounts of microplastics and showed negative results. According to studies, it promotes inflammation in the small intestine and affects fertility and offspring.

even though the number of microplastics found in human blood There is little to harm, plastic pollution is becoming more toxic every day as more plastic is thrown into the environment. According to research, microplastics damage human cells in the laboratory at levels that humans consume through their food. Cell death and allergic reactions were among the side effects, and the study is the first to indicate that this occurs at levels relevant to human exposure.

microplastics found in human blood

Where do the microplastics found in human blood come from?

Microplastics are small plastic particles (usually less than 5 millimeters in size) that can come from various places such as –

  • Including cigarette filter material.
  • textile fiber.
  • cleaning or personal care products.
  • Dust from car and truck tires.
  • As well as oversized plastic products that are broken.

According to recent research, microplastics in human blood Can stick to the outer membranes of red blood cells, limiting their ability to carry oxygen. The particles have also been identified in the placentas of pregnant women, and they move rapidly through the lungs to the hearts, brains and other organs of fetuses in pregnant rats. microplastic particles The highest amounts are found in apples and carrots. On the other hand, microplastics were found in peas, broccoli, lettuce, potatoes, radishes and turnips.

Contamination of fruits and vegetables is hypothesized to occur when plants draw water contaminated with microplastics from their roots. microplastics found in human blood Really harmful if its quantity in the human body will increase.

Foods That Contain the Most Microplastics

There are two carrots and an apple whose maximum level is microplastic element, However, microplastics seem to be in further yields such as –

  • Rahila,
  • broccoli,
  • salad,
  • Potato,
  • Raddish,
  • Turnip.

Infection in fruits and vegetables occurs when plants suck up water that coats the microplastics from their core.

Microplastics in Human Blood Prevention

we really need to know about microplastics found in human blood Because it is essential for our health. Check out these easy ways to avoid microplastics in your normal life –

  • Microwaving food wrapped in plastic is not recommended.
  • Drinking tap filter water.
  • Remove takeout cups.
  • Especially harmful plastics should be avoided.
  • Change the way you wash.
  • Use plastic-free cosmetics and beauty products without microbeads.
  • Seafood intake should be limited.

first time, microplastics found in human blood, with scientists finding more than 80% of the microscopic particles examined. Research shows that particles can travel throughout the body and remain in organs. However, the effect on health has not yet been determined.

However, researchers are concerned because microplastics found in human blood In the laboratory, and particulates of air pollution are known to enter the body and cause the premature death of millions of people every year. Due to the accumulation of huge amounts of plastic waste in the environment, microplastics have now contaminated the entire world from the summit of Mount Everest to the deepest oceans. As a result, we should be extremely careful about our health and try to eat and drink only fresh foods.

In this way we have obtained detailed information about the microplastics found in human blood. Even after reading this article, if you have any query or query related to Microplastics Prevention or anything then feel free to ask by commenting below, we will try to answer the questions and queries as soon as possible.

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