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Are you also looking for a great Unique Profile Bio link maker tool for your Instagram bio? then i’m the best for you Tool to create Instagram bio links I have brought You must know very well that you can only add a link in Bio on Instagram. If you have to add more than one link then you can take the help of Linkst.in tool.

with the help of this you multiple links It can be converted into one and you don’t need to pay any extra charge for it. now so big youtubers And there are Instagram Influencers who use LinkStock.

If you also want to know this tool in detail. So you must read this post of ours completely and it also helps a lot in increasing your affiliate sales.

What is Linkst?

Linkst or Linkstock, both names belong to the same tool. Linkst.in for social networks Free link management tool It is. What turns your affiliate, YouTube video, other social media, and eCommerce store into a custom link.


Its biggest use is for Instagram Influencers because they have to give Courses, Affiliates or other similar links to their followers and there is no description like YouTube that you can add there.

In this case it can be used. From where everyone can create a unique URL and add it to Instagram Bio.

instagram links


Let us know now about some special stock features that are the different things in it from other URL management tools.

Profile design:– The profile you create in the tool can be viewed very well using its design feature. Because your profile looks good.

Linkst Profile PageLinkst Profile Page

Add Custom URL:- You can put a custom URL in the profile that is made of it. Regardless of what you created as your username, you can also create the same URL.


Inquiry form :- You can also apply the inquiry form, with the help of which, if anyone needs any inquiry from you, by filling in your name, email id, and mobile number, you can ask them any question you have to ask.

link formlink form

Follow Button :- The Follow button is provided on the profile, so that users who follow them can get information about the latest updates.

inkst track buttoninkst track button

Biography:- The same way you can write some things about yourself on Instagram bio, the same way you can add Linkst.in profile description or bio and you can also make your profile picture.

Add Social Media:- The profile of all social networks can be put on Linkst.

Youtube Video :- If you have made a video about any of your products and want to show it to your users, you can also include any YouTube video on the profile.

SEO Profile:- It is not necessary that whenever you give your audience a profile, only they can connect with you.

For this tool a very cool feature has been added and that is Profile SEO in which you can SEO your profile to appear on Google search results page.

For example, you go to GoogleSatish K Video LinkIt can be seen by searching in writing.

How to create an account?

If you also want to use the tool, you need to create an account here first, only then can you use it.

You can follow these steps to create an account:-

Step 1:- First of all, go to Linkst.in on your mobile or computer and on the page that will open you will get Register, click on it.

Step 2:- Now here you will be asked to type Username, Email ID and Password, instead you can click Sign up with Gmail shown below, it’s a little easier.

create a free accountcreate a free account

Step 3:- Now you have registered, but the username and password have not been created yet, so now in the next step, create a strong password by creating the username of your choice.

And in the same way your account has been created and ready. So you have seen how we have created a profile completing only 3 steps.

Now whatever customization you have to do like applying a profile picture and adding a bio, you can change all of that from your profile section.

How to create a button in Linkst?

You must have seen winning profiles, in all of them you can see many buttons, so let’s find out how they are made. Although the method to do it is very simple, but our job is to give you complete information.

button create linksbutton create links
  • To add, you need to go to Linkst.in/dashboard and log in using the username and password of any account you have created.
  • Now here you will get 2 boxes, in which it is written “Enter your title”, write the name of what you want to link in it. And in the second given box you will find it written “Enter your URL”, now type or paste whatever you want to add here.
  • Now they have to add more than one and here only one option has been given so they need to click on Add New in the blue color shown on the top. After this, other people can also add. In the same way, if you want to add earnings, click Add New for them.

How to put a YouTube video on the profile?

If you have created a paid course or created a YouTube video that you want to show to your audience, then that is why you are thinking of adding a YouTube video to your profile, then see the steps below. ,

Add new youtube videosAdd new youtube videos
  • To add YouTube videos to Linkst, go to lnkst.in/video or click the video icon in the menu on the Linkst home page.
  • Now again you will be able to see the same interface as shown when adding links, in this first you have to add the title of that video and whatever the video link is, paste it in the second box.
  • After doing this, your video will be added to the Linkst profile.
  • If you want to add more than one video, clicking Add New Video on the same page can also add another video.


Although this Linkst tool is absolutely free, but it has some such features, to use it you need to create a Pro account, it is also a very cheap tool in terms of price.

In this, you are given two types of accounts 1) Pro Account and 2) Enterprise Account which are used for any business.

If you want to know more about Linkst pricing, you can get full information by visiting this page (https://linkst.in/pricing).

Let’s know about Linkst Pro account first, your Pro account will charge you ₹99/month, if you buy it for the whole year, then you only need to pay ₹999/year, in which you have to pay. Features are given.

  1. custom notification
  2. Custom logo and favorites icon
  3. unlimited stores
  4. custom analysis

And in this, an Enterprise Account is also given, for the price of which you will have to contact their Sales Team.

  1. custom domain
  2. personalized support
  3. Dedicated Technical Service
  4. Access to multiple accounts

Last words:-

So I hope you know what is Linkst / What is Linkst? And you must have complete information about all its features. If you have any questions related to this, you can contact us.

And for similar information, you can also read the second article of our blog.

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