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Holi 2022: Dos and don’ts to celebrate Holika Dahan

Do not keep your head open during Holika Dahan. Wearing or wrapping something around it.

Holi 2022: Holika Dahan will be celebrated across the country on Thursday, March 17. Holika Dahan will take place after Holi Puja in the evening. According to religious beliefs, Holika Dahan ends all the negative forces of our life. However, some things related to this should be kept in mind. Some activities are prohibited on the occasion of Holika Dahan, while others are recommended. Let us know what to do and what not to do on Holika Dahan.

things to do

Must be present during Holika Puja in the evening.

At the time of Holika Puja, one should face east or north.

You can increase happiness and prosperity in life by joining Holika Puja.

Astrologically, the universe is at its most active during Holi. Therefore, it is prudent to perform rituals associated with the planet ruling the eighth house of one’s birth chart. Donate items related to your zodiac sign.

things not to do

Do not keep your head open during Holika Dahan. Wearing or wrapping something around it.

Objects lying on the road should not be touched on the day of Holika Dahan as many Tantriks do immoral acts on this day.

Do not consume meat, alcohol on the day of Holika Dahan.

Wearing black or blue colored clothes should be avoided on this day. Consider them a symbol of negativity.

Those who have only one child should not light a fire for Holika Dahan.

Those who are married within a year should not see the fire of Holika Dahan. It is said that Holika was about to marry her lover on Falgun Purnima, but she died before marriage. Because of this, newly married couples are not allowed to participate in this ritual.

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