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Naina attends Kajol’s pre-wedding ceremony and asks Chandana about her. Chandana says she is on phone. Naina calls Kajol and reminds her that she is performing this ritual for the second time. Pishima taunts Naina that if her taunt is done, that is the only thing they can expect from her. She asks Kajol to taste the food. Chandana asks how is it. Kajol says delicious and asks Naina about Bullti. Naina panics and says that she is at the farm house with Dad as Dad is ill and excuses himself. Kajol feels that Naina should also be involved in this plan. Opu enters and asks if Bullti is still on the phone. Kajol says she said she will call later. Anurag calls her and tells that since farmhouse is closed for many days, he is also worried about Bullti now. Kajol asks him where is he. He says that he will get the neighbors checked.

Kajol asks Opu to call Bullti. Opu tries and says that his phone is not available. Kajol then asks Naina to call Bullti as Shakha Pola is missing. Naina works to call Bullti and says that her phone is switched off. Kajol asks him to call someone at the farm house. Naina calls Anandita. Kajol takes the phone from him and asks Anandita to talk to Bullti as she knows where Shaka Pola is. Anandita says that Bullti is with her father, so she will ask Bullti and will message Nandita. Kajol requests that let them speak for 1 minute. Anandita taunts that she doesn’t respect other’s father even after losing her father and hangs up the phone. Naina snatches the phone back.

Anurag calls up Kajol and tells that he inquired the neighbors and found that no one has come to the farm house for several days. Kajol walks aside and says that she is sure that Kaushik has arrested Bullti and Naina is also involved. Anurag says that Anandita has an old house which he used to visit in childhood, he is sure that Bulti is there. Kajol tells him to be careful because if he can harm his daughter then Kaushik can harm her. He says that he will take the help of the police and send her home. Kajol returns thinking that Naina has done wrong to her own brother and SIL and she will not forgive Naina for this. She performs the ritual thinking that Naina should not know about her plan until Anurag saves Bullti. She then seeks Bade’s blessings and hugs Naina. Naina taunts that she should be happy that she is getting what she wants.

Kajol acts as a dizziness. Chandana asks Opu to leave her in her room and not disturb her till her marriage. Opu drops Kajol in her room and asks if she needs anything. Kajol says if she takes rest she will be fine. After Opu leaves, she agrees to leave. Opu returns and gets worried seeing her going out and insists if she is going to meet Bullti. Kajol says yes and explains the whole story to him. Naina questions Pishima that Kajol is fine and suddenly stumbles. Pishima says that Kajol takes care of both home and office and is tense about her marriage. Naina barks thinking that she has started chanting Kajol again. Opu insists on going with Kajol. Kajol says that they should stay with the family as Naina is supporting her in-laws and spying on them. Opu tells that Kaushik will go to any extent to stop Bullti, he had hired a spy to spy on me and last threatens him that he will kill me if he meets me again, So he is sure that this time also he has hired a detective. which can harm them.

Kajol disguised as an old lady meets Anurag. Anurag mistaking her as an old lady and asks if he can help her. She shows her face and tells how she disguised herself with her old wig and outfit and was about to leave the house when Naina stops her and asks who she is. Opu says she is from Anurag’s house who came to meet Kajol. Naina says why can’t she herself. Opu says she cannot speak and sends her out. Kajol further revealed that when she left the house she saw a goon type man. Anurag says it means Kaushik has hired a goon. Kajol says Opu said the same thing. Anurag says first let us save Bullti.

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