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This webseries has put the mercury on high with daring and intimate scenes, know the name of this webseries

Everyone likes to watch web series. Because you can sit at home or watch anywhere. But when it comes to web series like Ullu, you have to be a little cautious. So today we will talk in this report about those webseries that should not be seen in front of everyone. We will talk in this report about that web series that is creating panic as soon as it is released. Meet the Ullu web series, as soon as it was released, the traffic increased so much that suddenly the Ullu application server went down. Yes, that’s what happened. By the way, there is no count of web series with flashy content in Ullu App. In other words, this app is made for 18+ content, which attracts more people who like bold web series in these days. days.

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The web series that brought down the Ullu app server is ‘Khul Ja Sim Sim’. This web series created such a panic as soon as it premiered that the website server itself stopped breathing. What was it then? Those who started watching by taking time out, started to regret it. Nikita Chopra plays the character of Simran in this web series, who has spared no effort to captivate the 18+ audience with his performance. So he watches and watches this web series.

Khul Ja Sim Sim is the story of a newly married couple. When Simran gets married, the next day she finds out about her husband’s sexual problem. Because of this, she is unable to fulfill her wish. This makes Simran very angry and she keeps arguing with her husband again and again. Now to find out if Katta Bhaiya is successful in getting Simran or not, she can enjoy this web series on Ullu app.

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