These Movie Stars Became Movie Wonders In The City Of Bollywood… – Entertainment

These Movie Stars Became Movie Wonders In The City Of Bollywood… – Entertainment

These Movie Stars Became Movie Wonders In The City Of Bollywood… – Entertainment


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New Delhi: A world of dreams where millions of people come every day to try their luck. The ship of many floats in the ocean of this cinema. They shine like fireflies in the sky of this fame. At the same time, there are some people whose dream plane never takes off. They remain lost in the anonymous world. The lamp of life goes out even before seeing the dawn of success.

Apart from these, there are some who are successful, but their success does not last. He succeeded like a firefly and then a long darkness of failure and obscurity. So, let us introduce you to some of those stars, who remained just a movie marvel.

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Jugal Hansraj

Actor Jugal Hansraj has been a part of the iconic Bollywood film ‘Mohabbatein’. And for this they are also remembered. However, apart from this, he has done many movies, but he is most remembered for Mohabbatein.

sinha sandal

How can we forget to include the name of actress Sandali Sinha in this list? Actress Sandali Sinha is still remembered for her film ‘Tum Bin’. People still remember him a lot for the tremendous performance of her in the movie. We tell you that the movie was a super hit and the songs from it are still heard a lot.

Raul Roy

Actor Rahul Roy’s 1990 film Aashiqui was one of the blockbuster films of its time. This movie brought a lot of popularity to the actor Rahul Roy. After this, Rahul did not get any other success.

bhumika chawla

On hearing the name of actress Bhumika Chawla, only one film of hers comes to mind and that is ‘Tere Naam’. Released in 2003, the film was one of the blockbusters of her time. In this, actress Nirjara Bhardwaj was seen acting on screen with actor Salman Khan.

After this, she did not appear very active in movies. However, she has done more movies like Run in 2004, Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahe and Dil Jo Bhi Kahe etc.

Sneha Ullal

Actress Sneha Ullal made her Bollywood debut in the year 2005 with the film Lucky Not Time for Love. Sneha Ulal was seen alongside Salman Khan in this movie. The songs in this movie were catchy and hit.

Sneha was also in the spotlight during this period. Apart from this, Sneha Ullal also did many movies but it was not successful.

Kumar Gaurav

Actor Kumar Gaurav made his Bollywood debut in the year 1981 with the movie ‘Love Story’. This film was one of the successful films of that time, the songs of which were also very popular.

However, apart from this, he did a lot of movies, but he couldn’t get the love of the audience as much as Love Story in other movies.


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