These Corona warriors are the real hero

The Corona warriors who did their duty at the time of this crisis are faced with dire circumstances. When everyone tries to stay safe in their home, they forget their pain and are at the service of others. They don’t even say goodbye when necessary, knowing that every minute is precious to save the lives of the infected. 24 hours of work for vaccination
For a year, Sashabind has been working day and night to protect people from corona infections. During this time he stayed away from the family. Have been infected. Even so, Shashibinda, who does her job well, works as District Vaccine Cold Chain Manager at UNDP, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Health. He has been working in the health department since 2014. The Covin portal was designed to make vaccination 100% successful only based on the e-win portal. Shasivinda was also given the responsibility to provide technical support for regular online management and maintenance of the cold chain via the e-win portal, which he continues to work 24 hours a day.

He said that as the situation became more frightening and difficulties escalated, he felt unsafe and sent his wife and children to the ancestral village to protect the family. At the same time he was also infected, but he continued to struggle with Corona. He handled himself without panic and continued his actions with the same passion, winning the Battle of Corona. He currently lives in Shahjahanpur with his wife and two children.

The Mandi couple gives a message to humanity through disinfection
In the midst of the corona infection, the Chandela from the village of Urala have become crisis soldiers. Kunti Chandel and her husband Urla have started a campaign to redevelop the city. There was an increase in cases of corona infection in the Panchayat. Many people, including the cooperative assembly salespeople and the Urla School superintendent, have been infected. The administration has made the Panchayat three districts, Urla, Hiyun and Nausha, a containment zone. All business operations here have been closed for ten days. Kunti Chandel von Urla is a teacher and husband Murari Lal is a junior engineer in the Jal Shakti department. Both clean up the city of Urala in the morning and in the evening. Plumbing work was carried out in all public places, including local markets, school buildings, Ayurvedic health centers, forest protection offices, banks and cooperatives, and Varsha Asylum. Both also urge people to strictly adhere to the corona rules. Last year, during the corona transition, the couple took a trip to rehabilitate the city in a blocked state. This time the campaign was started again.

The fear of infection is overcome when the patients are viewed as familial
There is a risk of infection, but when an infected person recovers we are relieved. So far, twelve patients have been fully cured and sent home and motivated to better serve. This can be said of Nazia Kausar.

Raja Sukhdev Singh of Nazia Poonch is a multi-purpose female health worker in the Kovid community as a nurse. Nazia says she was also scared at first, but all fear was overcome after seeing the patients come to the covid ward as members of her family. Nazia says Kovid Ward’s one year experience is relaxing. When people infected with the deadly pandemic relax and return home, they rejoice in this moment.

Nazia said that at this hour of crisis, instead of fear of Corona, precautionary measures should be given priority. This was only possible by taking preventive measures seriously if they were not infected themselves, even though they had been on duty on the Kovid ward for a long time.

Fought with Corona, Dr. Laik still on duty
Dr. Laik Ahmed Ansari, who is stationed at Jaitipur CHC in Shahjahanpur, has been doing his full contribution in the war against Kovid-19 since last year. Last year, Dr. Laik infected himself while caring for corona patients. Dr. Laik says he was on duty when he found out about the infection. The family was in Bareilly. At first he got nervous, but then he and his family got brave and were admitted and treated in the covid department of the medical college. He did not lose heart and returned to work as soon as the corona report became negative after 14 days. 100% vaccination carried out in the region. Reached out among the infected patients, gave them medication and encouraged them. For this, Minister Suresh Kumar Khanna, MLA Veer Vikram Singh Prince etc. were also honored as Corona warriors.


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