There are no doctors or staff on the campus in Shahjahanpur. Buffalo goats graze on campus – how should be treated: Neither doctors nor employees at the PHC graze on campus, buffalo goats

The corona infection is spreading quickly in the villages. In such a situation, village-made PHCs have become important, but the situation is that there are no doctors or staff in PHC. Buffalos are tied to the premises and goats graze on grass. How to prevent corona infection in such a system is a big question. It is not serious to conduct an inquiry among humans. On Saturday, in the village of Mudia Kurmiyat PHC and Navadia Nawazpur PHC, the Amar Ujala team saw the reality, both came to the fore in the poor condition of PHC.Mudia PHC doctors serving in Banda. Dr. Ajay Prakash is stationed in Mudia Kurmiyat village but is on duty with Banda CHC. In such a situation, lab technician Vinay Dev Sharma gives medication to patients who come to the PHC. Vinaydev Sharma said that alongside him, PHC has the appointments of pharmacist Suresh Kumar, scavenger Vineet and station boy Sumit Mehrotra. The sweeper has been on vacation since April 26th due to an infected corona. Pharmacists have also been on leave since May 13th. Only 15 to 20 patients come to the hospital every day. The corona test kit is not available from PHC. People have to go to Banda or Puwaan CHC for corona exam. Both CHCs are approximately 12 km away, so people avoid going to CHC for a corona exam.

No doctor at Navadia Nawazpur PHC … pharmacist on duty in Khutar. Navadia Nawazpur PHC, about 20 km from Khutar, has a responsibility to treat people from more than two dozen villages. Without doctors and staff, however, the PHC was reduced to just the name.

Almost two dozen villages are connected to Navdia Nawazpur PHC, including Kesarpur, Jadumpur, Bharkaliganj, Bela, Tulapur, Kolhugadha, Chandpur, Harnahai, Hanspur, Mathokar, Dhansinghpur, Navadia Sarai and Balaganj. No doctor is employed here. Pharmacist Suresh Verma is hired but today he is charged with Khutar CHC.

On Saturday, ANM Mamta Devi, ANM Reena Srivastava from the Tulapur sub-center, BHW Reena Tiwari from the Muradpur village sub-center, Asha Bahu Taranum from the Navdia Nawazpur, Asha Bahu Meera Devi from the Navdia Darodagraha and Asha Sangini Uma Devi were found.

Mamta Devi said there is only a corona vaccine supply for PHC. So far, 623 people have received the first vaccine and 173 people have received the second dose. Since there is no corona check system at Navadia Nawazpur PHC, people have to go to Khutar CHC, 20 km away, for corona check up. In such a situation, people who are already discouraged from an investigation due to a lack of awareness do not go to CHC. If they have a fever, cold or cough, people go to the hawk doctors. In such a situation, it won’t be long before the infection spreads to the villages.

Complaint was not heard
The doctor and staff from Mudia Kurmiyat PHC are not on time. As a result, patients go to the doctors in the village for medication. The hospital staff is also not full. The problem is solved by informing the authorities about it. -Abhinav Singh, Director of Mudia Kurmiyat Banda

People do not benefit from Mudia Kurmiyat PHC. The reason for this is the lack of staff here. The authorities should pay attention to this. -Emraan Ali, Mudia Kurmiyat

The Navadia Nawazpur PHC is only named. There are no staff or medication. People have to go to private doctors for treatment. The nearest government hospital is in Khutar, 20 km away. -Mohammad Shahnoor Ghazi, Navadia Nawazpur village

Nawadia Nawazpur has asked the CMO to the leaders to deploy staff at PHC, but no one is willing to listen. -Jishan Ali, Navadia Nawazpur Village

In view of the corona infection, all employees of the health department work from village to village. This can cause some problems with PHC. It will be displayed. -Satish Chandra, SDM Puwan


( News Source – Amar Ujala )

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