The whole world is passing through a critical phase: PM Modi

The whole world is passing through a critical phase: PM Modi

The whole world is passing through a critical phase: PM Modi

Mirzapur: Stating that the whole world is passing through a critical phase now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that however deep the crisis, India’s response is even bigger.
Addressing an election rally here, the PM also said that thousands of students have been safely brought back from Ukraine under the ongoing Operation Ganga and those who are still there are being evacuated.
“The whole world is now passing through the ‘Njuk Daur’ (delicate period) of this century. Many countries today are affected by pandemic, unrest and uncertainty. But you must have seen how deep the crisis is India’s efforts (to address them) ) ) are even bigger and firmer,” he said.
Referring to the war in Ukraine, the PM said, “We have safely brought back thousands of students from Ukraine under Operation Ganga.” He said that special flights are being operated for those who are still stranded there.
He said that any campaign related to Maa Ganga is sure to be successful.
He said, “During the coronavirus era, India brought every single citizen stranded abroad by running Operation Vande Bharat. Operation Devi Shakti was carried out in Afghanistan. Now, India is engaged in rescuing every citizen and student in Ukraine. ”
Hitting out at the opposition, the PM said the voters of Uttar Pradesh need to defeat ‘parivaadi’ (dynasts) and ‘mafiawadis’ (those who support mafia elements) to bring a BJP government.
“UP constantly needs a leadership that is honest and can work hard for development. The history of these dynasties (opposition) is written in black colour. Their history is to loot the state, free terrorists, help rioters. To protect the mafia and criminals. Such people can neither do good for the country nor for UP: Modi
He said that the opposition has only one task – to break the society, divide the people, grab power and loot UP. “Is this game acceptable to you?”
He said that during the previous government in the state, only 800 houses were built for the poor in Mirzapur, but the Adityanath government has sanctioned 40,000 houses, of which 28,000 have already been built.
“Will you vote for those who made 800 or those who gave 28,000?” He asked.
“Working hard is not in the dictionary of dynasties. They have no time to worry and help the poor. They cannot make the country and UP strong,” he said, adding that it is time to stand together. .
“Your vote this time is to enable the country and realize the dream of a strong UP,” he said.
Referring to the COVID pandemic, he said that even large countries appear helpless, but in India “we provided free ration to 80 crore people”.

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