The sand channel built in Ganga is in Varanasi. under water

Newsroom, , Varanasi Published by: Hari users Updated Fri, July 30, 2021 8:11 PM IST

In Varanasi, a canal that was built for lakhs rupees sinks into the waters of the Ganges. Most of the channel was gradually absorbed on Friday. If the water level of the Ganges continues to rise, the channel, which costs Rs 1195 lakh, will be completely absorbed. The Kashi river explorers had expressed such concern even before the canal was built.

A sand channel about five and a half kilometers long was built in the middle of the wide sand plain over the Ganges. It was built under the supervision of the Project Corporation. According to the project manager Pankaj Verma, an approximately 5.3 km long and 45 meter wide canal was built for Rs 1195 lakh. Sand dunes were built on the sand across the Ganges at the eastern end of the sand channel. The last end of the canal, which was carried out in sand near the bridge at Ramnagar, became mixed with the Ganges near the Rajghat Bridge. See also in the next slides….


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