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The price of mustard oil fell, you are making the profit of so many rupees on the purchase of a liter, know the latest price

There is a lot of volatility in the prices of mustard oil, so there is confusion among people regarding the purchase. Mustard oil is sold from its highest level for less than 56 rupees per litre, buying it can save money. Due to the low price, oil is sold very low in retail markets. In the meantime, if you’re a UP resident, you can save money by shopping right away.

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In the country’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh, mustard oil is recorded at Rs 154 per litre. A few months ago, the high level rate of mustard oil was recorded at Rs 210 per litre. For this reason, mustard oil is sold in Indian markets at Rs 180 per liter in other states. Currently, mustard oil is running less in UP compared to other states. Today in Uttar Pradesh, mustard oil is recorded at only Rs 154 per litre.

Know the price of mustard oil here

Rs 143 per liter is running at Hathras. The day before, on August 7, mustard oil was seen at Rs 144 per liter in Aligarh. At the same time, on August 4, the purchase of a liter in Etah has to cost 143 rupees. On August 2, mustard oil was recorded at Rs 143 per liter in Hathras.

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On 3rd August, the price of mustard oil was seen in Aligarh at Rs 144. Prior to this, mustard oil is manufactured in Aligarh for four days at Rs 143 per litre.

Know the price of mustard oil in these cities of UP

Today in Uttar Pradesh, mustard oil will see the maximum amount of Rs 180 in Kanpur for the second day in a row on 8th August. The price of mustard oil in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR was recorded at Rs 161 per liter on 1st August. At the same time, for six consecutive days, the highest price of mustard oil was recorded in Kanpur at Rs 180. Mustard oil was 150 rupees per liter in Shahjahanpur on July 26. On July 27, in Aligarh, it was only Rs 142 per litre.

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