Salman and Pooja in a scene from the video. (courtesy: Salman Sajidbha 6,


  • Salman and Pooja Hegde perform on Da-Bang Tour
  • He performed on his song ‘Jumme Ki Raat’.
  • Salman reluctantly recreates the hook step of the song

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Salman Khan’s signature dance steps from his blockbuster hits are super popular among fans. Now he had made headlines for recreating one such step. Well, we can say that they tried to recreate it but failed miserably. Result? clip, from da-banggo The Tour – Reloaded has gone viral on social media. The event took place at the Dubai Expo 2020. Here Salman Khan is doing a step match with Pooja Hegde. During the performance, Salman Khan is seen trying to recreate it. Friday’s Night Hook Kadam from his movieKick, In the original song, which features Jacqueline Fernandez, Salman Khan holds her dress with his teeth. The move certainly became an overnight hit.

But, during the performance on stage, Salman Khan failed to recreate it with Pooja Hegde. Thanks for the short body con dress of the actress. Even after many attempts in the video, Salman Khan is unable to catch the hemline of Pooja Hegde’s dress. At last, he smiles and asks the actress to stay for a while. Then, Salman Khan holds an edge of her dress with his teeth before leaving the stage.

Here is a post shared on Twitter.

Some fans appreciated the way Salman Khan handled the failed dance step. One user commented, “Haha Salman handled it very well.”

But others seemed quite unhappy with the dance move. One person called it “nonsense”.

The video also made its way to Reddit. At the same time, people have also expressed displeasure.

One user commented, “Couldn’t they just replace Step or dress him appropriately for Step? Like you guys can totally control this, and you’ll have rehearsed… Basic stuff lol.”

Another wrote, “It’s part of this song-dance routine. It sounded gross. I agree with that.”

Some called it “creep”.

“The brothers look great with everything,” read one of the responses.

Surely Salman Khan has caught the attention of many.


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