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Purab calls Savari Devi. Thapki picks him up and nervously asks why did he call her. He informs that he is launching his album through a media event after Holika Dahan Puja, so he should reach by 8 PM. Sapna stops him and says that they cannot start the puja without Sagar. Veena says that Sagar is not a child and he will come whenever he has to and asks Vinod to start the puja again. Priyanka stops him further, sets up a mobile camera, and Holika unveils the ocean hidden in the Dahan wood. The family is shocked and on seeing this takes her out of the wood, and asks Priyanka what she was doing. She was recording a promotional video for Veena Records. Veena says that Thapki is enough for her and scolds her. She asks Vinod to start the puja again.

Purab stops her and says that one more family member is yet to come. Thapki comes inside. Veena scolds Thapki and asks Purab if he forgot what Thapki did to his sister. He says that he has not done so, but everyone has a right to worship. Vinod lights the fire and worships with Veena first, followed by Sagar and Priya. Purab does the puja with a slap. Hansika is with them. Veena says she did right by claiming her right. Purab ignores Hansika and continues the puja with a pat. Vinod’s call comes and tells that the media has arrived, but Savari has not come yet. Vinod asks where is Savari. Purab says that he told her to reach and call by 8 pm. Hansika feels that Thapki will do what she can. Thapki goes to the store room to pose as Savari and finds the cloth bag missing. Hansika throws the bag in the fire and thinks that Saavari is not needed as her album is recorded, now Thapki will be blamed. Thapki gets upset seeing Purab’s phone.

Press conference begins. The reporter asks Veena when will she introduce him to Savari. She says very quickly. Purab announces that Savari is on the way. Veena asks him if he had called Savari. Purab says she is not picking up his phone. Hansika goes to Veena and says that Savari has already arrived and Thapki took her somewhere. Veena scolds Purab that she has invited Thapki for puja and she is ruining his reputation. Purab goes to check, returns and announces that they will listen to Savari Devi’s new song until she comes. Veena suspected that Thapki had kidnapped Savari. Savari enters and sings a song. Everyone praises his singing. Hansika gets worried that if Purab comes to know that Thapki is Sawari, what will happen to her.

The reporter asks Savari to show his face. Purab asks Savari if she will lift her veil and show her face. Thapki gets upset. Veena says ghunghat is Savari’s identity and it is up to her whether she wants to reveal her face or not. Thapki says Veena Devi is right. Purab announces that they will launch a video tomorrow and all the songs from Veena Records will be hits like never before. Sapna asks why Savari is wearing Thapki’s clothes. Purab questions Savari. Thapki/Savari gets upset.

Precap: Purab learns that Thapki is Sawari and says that he cheated on her again. She says that she did this for the family. He asks why was she acting then and makes fun of her love.

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