Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Angad’s Love For His Family

Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Angad’s Love For His Family

Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Angad’s Love For His Family

Teri Meri Doriya Jan 5, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Santosh tells Sirat that there are 3 children in the Brar family and if one of them chooses Sirat, then Sirat’s life will be resolved. Sirat is happy and hopes that they somehow fix the pass. The turban tying competition begins at the Brar house. Jawjot Bebe asks the 4 contestants to get ready as they only have 3 minutes to complete a task. Kiara recorded the event live. Dadaji/Dariji asks Angad to help fix the turban cloth. Angad says that if he helps her, she will lose the competition. Darji emotionally blackmails her and accepts her help. Jaspal says that victory for him is certain. The competition begins. The song Rangde Basanti… plays in the background. Three more minutes. Babe interacts with the 4 contestants. Darji flirts with her and says that he won the competition. Bebe says that the shadow of him Angad has tied a better turban than him and declares Agad the winner.

The tailor is feeling sad after losing the competition. Bebe says that it’s okay if he loses to his own grandson. Angad silently loosened her turban. Bebe is about to apply tilak to Angad when Gurleen stops her and tells her that Angad’s turban is loose. Bebe says that Darji won again. Darji is happy and says that he is proud of Angad and that Angad is always better than her father. Barfir feels sad and tries to leave. Angad encourages him. Kiara says it’s strange that Angad accepted defeat so easily. Jasleen wants Angad to agree to marry her son, since she rejects all girls. On the other hand, Sahiba is dedicated to painting vessels. Santosh calls Ajit’s cousin and asks for the pass, but he refuses. Cousin/Taiji’s mother feels bad and says that her son left her widowed mother alone in someone else’s house. Sahiba encouraged her.

Angad’s cousin Bikka asks him why he lost his turban during the competition. Angad asks him not to tell anyone. Bikka asks him to at least talk about the decorations. Angad asks him to wait and see. Angad then shows his 17.5 carat diamond that he got from Belgium to Jaspal. Jaspal asked for success price. Angad asks him to calculate and says that it is 25 crores that he bought for the decorations and he hopes the tailor will like them. Jaspal asks her not to worry as his decorations are perfect. Sirat feels sad because he couldn’t get the pass for the party. Sahiba says that she should be happy with what she has and describes her aspiration to become famous through her art. Sirat jokes about him. Santosh applies a mask to Sirat’s face and asks Sahiba to arrange a pass. Sahiba asks how she is doing. Sirat says that even if she gets the pass, she can’t go there without a new dress. Sahiba gives him 2500 rupees. Sirat says that she will not receive even one chunri for Rs.2500. Someone calls Sahiba and she leaves giving Santosh money. Santosh says that he sometimes feels that Sahiba is the breadwinner of her house.

Gary returns home. Darji asks where he was last night. Jaspal also questions Gary. Gary panics. Angad says that she sent Gary to meet the customers in Holland and asks everyone to walk around to see the decorations. She takes them to the temple of her decorated house. Babe and the others admire his decorations. Gurleen says it’s over. Gary supports her. Jaspal says that the one who does nothing comments on the work of others. Bikka says that she is right. Angada asks Darji if he didn’t like her. The tailor criticizes his decoration. Jaspal says that Angad worked hard for this decoration and bought a diamond worth Rs 25 cr from Belgium. Darji says that God is the same for both young and old generation, lacks Punjab soil, Angad ruined it. He shows last year’s arrangement and says that this is his true culture. Gurleen sends the photos of the decorations to Gary and asks him to show his idea for the decorations to Darji. She criticizes Angad and says that the prayer/paat will not happen today. A child is saddened to hear this. Angad promises to fix things and says he has 3 hours left to do it. Someone suggested that such ornamentation would be found at Tilaknagar. Sahiba arrives at her shop and walks towards her with her decorated utensils. Angad opens his car door and breaks the utensils. Sahiba gets angry. The voiceover says that her love story begins now.

Precap: Angad makes Sahiba pay for his loss.
Sahiba’s tongues chides him for not showing his arrogance and says that money can’t buy everything. Angad says that he can do it with money. Bikka takes Angad to Sahiba’s shop and asks for decorations. Sahiba asks for a pass to the second group. Angad refuses.

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