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scene 1
All the family members sit down to have dinner, Daksh smiles at Krisha. Jaya says it is good that we are all sitting here as a family. Krisha says I think someone has cast an evil eye on this family. Jaya says I was thinking of sending Devraj and Daksh away from here, where they will be safe. Devraj says I am not afraid of anyone. Jaya says I am not asking you to hide but you have to protect this family. Devraj says you are right, my family is most important to me and if it is for them then I will leave. Aarav says where will they go? Daksh says we can go to our second haveli. Devraj says no, we will not go there. Jaya says we can fix another place. Daksh says no, I want to go there. Devraj says okay, Krisha thinks why does he want to go there? Meenakshi says it will be a honeymoon for Devraj and Krisha too. Krishna blushes. Daksh thinks that I will make that honeymoon hell for him.

Krisha comes to her room and sees Devraj on his knees, she asks if he is proposing to her? Devraj says I am just wearing my shoes. Krisha says I thought you would say romantic. Devraj looks away and says haveli is full of our memories. Daksh and Maya spent a lot of time there, after Maya’s accident, when Daksh went there, he got a panic attack. Krisha says then why did you agree? Devraj says I could not tell him no, will you be my support? Krisha holds her hand and says I am always with you. Devraj thanks him and leaves. Krishna says Daksha is there to do something but I will protect Devraj.

scene 2
Daksh talks to himself and says I haven’t stopped loving Maya so I text her on every big occasion. I am angry that Devraj and Krish are still together. We will go to the place where I met Maya and I will separate her there.

Daksh comes to the haveli and reminisces his childhood. How sad was Daksha after losing his father, but in his childhood he met Maya. There Daksha, Devraj and Maya became friends. Flashback ends. Devraj and Krish hold hands and come to the haveli. Daksh looks at them and thinks it could have been me and Maya but I lost her, I will not let them be happy here together. Daksh thinks this is my last attack. They all go to the mansion. Daksh looks at the pictures and gets sad.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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