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scene 1
Devraj comes to Daksha’s room and finds him decorated with Maya’s paintings, he sees Daksha crying in a corner. He asks what happened? Daksh says I was missing Maya so I put all these pictures, I know you will leave me too because you are angry with me. Devraj says I am never leaving you, don’t worry. I know this mansion misses you more Maya, we will leave only tonight. Daksh says I am selfish as I do not think about you. Devraj says it is not so. Daksh says I will help you in proposing Krisha. Devraj says I want you to be fine. Daksh says I will love when you propose her, I will sing for both of you. Devraj smiles and says ok, you can help me. Daksh looks for his bags and finds clothes there. Devraj smiled. Daksh says you will look smart in this tuxedo. Devraj also presented him a tuxedo and said that whatever is mine is yours too. He leaves from there. Daksha thinks that I don’t have Maya now so he cannot have Krish. Devraj comes back wearing a tuxedo. Daksha gives her new shoes so Devraj puts them on. He thanks Daksha for helping him and leaves, Daksha throws away the tuxedo that Devraj had given him. Krisha comes there and says you are coward if you can’t even show your hatred openly. Daksh says you won a fight and you become arrogant? Krisha says be ready to lose more. I will not let you hurt Devraj. Daksh says you can dream whatever you want but soon I will destroy everything for you. Devraj will soon hate you, he will hate you. Krishna says you cannot separate me and Devraj at all. Daksh says you will miss me soon. Krisha leaves in anger.

scene 2
Krisha gets a call from her mother, she says I had a dream and it was bad, it was about you. Krisha says don’t worry, it was just a dream. I am very happy here, I am living my story because Devraj is going to express his love to me today. His mother says it is good. She ends the call.

Devraj gets ready and says Krish and I will be united today. He gives some clues to find Krisha. He leaves. Krisha comes to her room and looks for some clues there. She reads that they will become one so don’t make her wait much. Krisha gets a gift and opens it to find a wig there. Daksha calls her and says how did you get my gift? Krishna says you are cheap. Daksh says Devraj is in trouble, I gave him my shoes and they can explode easily. He asks her to check his phone. There is a video in his phone in which Daksha is shown putting a small bomb in Devraj’s shoes. Daksh says your husband is a walking bomb right now. Krisha cries and says why are you doing this? Daksha says if you don’t meet him in the form of Maya then I will kill him. she cries and says

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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