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scene 1
Priya says this is your price. You will eat on the floor. Gopika sits on the floor. Nikhila lifts her plate she says my price is the same. Saksham says that we are all equal. They all sit on the floor with Gopika and eat there. Priya gets angry. She says Gopika you cannot win every time. Next time no one will be able to help you.

scene 2
Priya calls her friends. She says my friends are here. Bring snacks. Saksham says what is happening here? She says she is my husband’s friend. Nikhila says it is time to sleep in our house. Priya says anyone who wants to sleep can do it. And Gopika Dasi, any problem? Gopika says no. If your friends are ill-mannered, I can still feed them. His friends get angry. She says you are Saksham’s ex-wife? Priya says she was demoted to a maid. Go and bring breakfast. Gopika asks Nikhila not to worry.

Keshap is worried. He says I found this letter under his bed. Meenal reads I know Sumatra.. you kept her in custody for 20 years. I’ll tell you where to meet and pay me. Meenal says who is this? How do they know? Keshap says that person is asking for money. Ramila says they must have got the letter.

Mama ji tells Nikhila to change the party and come to this side. Nikhila says this is my house. I don’t want your suggestion. We have nothing to do with your niece and you. Stay within your limits. Gopika brings breakfast. Priya says serve everyone. She plays music. Everyone dances. Chirag says who is playing the music? Mama ji says there should be dance. Priya says Gopika will dance. Nikhila says don’t cross your limit. able say some shame? Priya says that dance is an art. Chirag says do it yourself. He doesn’t have to. Priya says Gopika will you dance? Nikhila says she will not. She says no Gopika. Gopika says that Basanti used to dance in front of dogs. Do you? Priya says shut up. Gopika says I don’t know how to dance but I will do it. She dances. She teases Priya and her friends. Gopika throws ketchup at them. She forces them to eat. Gopika slaps Priya and says sorry. I told you that I don’t know it very well. You were slapped I can dance more. should I? Priya breaks the glass. She says dance on this.

scene 3
Keshap calls. Ramila says it is me who knows the truth. I want 20K. Keshap just says 20K? Meenal says please go there with money. Ramila laughs. She says 20k. Keshap takes the money. Sumatra looks at him.

Priya says start dancing on the glass.
Ramila comes to the shed wearing a mask. Keshap and Meenal come there. Saksham says Gopika will not dance. call the police. We will get bail. Priya says till then you will have fun in jail. Gopika is scared. Priya calls the inspector. Gopika takes her phone and says I will dance. Priya says sangeet.

episode ends

Precap-Gopika dances on the glass. His feet are bleeding. Saksham caught him.

Update Credits: Atiba

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