Tamarind 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Aryan’s old friend Jyoti saves Tamarind

Tamarind 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Aryan’s old friend Jyoti saves Tamarind

Tamarind 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Aryan’s old friend Jyoti saves Tamarind

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A saint tells Tamarind to laugh out loud, but never think of happiness as permanent because nothing is permanent in life. He says that if she feels at peace in life, it is a sign of a storm to come. Tamarind gets confused and asks her to speak clearly. The saint warned her that she might lose her most precious thing. A mysterious woman walks on the road regardless of the vehicles heading towards her. Seeing him the vehicles change their direction. Tamarind searches for Aryan and does not find him around her. She searches for him worried and shouts his name.

Arpita is out of the house when a goon mistaking her as blue asks for money to kill Kareli, Jalebi. She asks him who had called him here to kill a girl. He asks if he is blue. Neela comes out and says that she ordered him to bring wood and not the girl/girl to make furniture. She asks Arpita to leave and asks her to handle the man. Arpita leaves. Neela scolds the goon and gives money.

Imli walks on the middle road searching for Aryan. Cars coming from both sides of the road are about to hit him when a mysterious girl stops him in time. Tamarind shouts at the car drivers. The girl takes him aside. Tamarind asks who is she, she is looking for her husband. The girl tells him to stop being afraid as she can think clearly, gives him water, and says that one who is attached to the heart cannot go away from there. She asks him to relax, take a deep breath and imagine a person with closed eyes. Tamarind closes her eyes and asks Aryan to go back to her. She opens her eyes and sees Aryan crossing the road in front of her.

Imli goes to Aryan and shouts at him holding his collar for suddenly disappearing like Mr India. He says that he was suffocating because of the smoke and he had gone to get water, so he should stop making scenes. The girl goes to them and says because Imli is worried for her. Aryan is shocked to see her, revealing that she is his college friend Jyoti, and hugs her happily. Jyoti says that she thought she forgot everything after Aaru became Aryan. Aryan introduces her to Tamarind as his college friend Jyoti/Jo and introduces Tamarind as his wife. Jo says that she knows that she has been seeing him for a few days while remembering the incident.

Neela learns that Tamarind survived the accident and was saved by a girl. She shouts at the goon and demands the goons to return her money. Gudiya suggests him to go low profile for some time as all his plans are failing. Neela says that when a girl has saved Tamarind, she will definitely intervene between Aryan and Tamarind; He needs to know who this new girl is.

Jyoti shows Aryan two handwritten notes and asks if he can remember them. Aryan recalls his college farewell party where both of them were winning the competition. Aryan gets irritated with his bowling and promises that he will never use it in life. Jyoti says that she will write the affirmation for him and says that if they wish good for them or anyone else, they believe that the universe will fulfill their wishes. They hope that Aryan will find a perfect life partner. Aryan says universe is not her friend and asks her to invite him whenever she gets married. She gets serious and writes a confirmation that Aryan’s life partner should be perfect, smart and beautiful. She prays that the universe will give the best life partner to both of them and if they do not find any life partner by the age of 30, they will marry each other. He says that he will never marry her and by then she will surely find a life partner.

Out of the flashback, Aryan says that his confirmation was correct and seeing Tamarind, he found a perfect life partner. He asks her why she didn’t meet him earlier. She says that she is in bad luck that she got divorced because her husband was having an extramarital affair. Tamarind says that instead her ex-husband has bad luck. Jyoti says that maybe she was looking for someone in her husband after seeing Aryan. She says that Bhagya introduced her to Aryan and Tamarind now, says she will return to her hotel room now. Aryan says take care. Tamarind asks her to stay with them in their house. She starts arguing with Aryan as usual. Jyoti tells that Aryan used to joke a lot in college. Tamarind is shocked to hear this and forcefully takes Jyoti home.

Sundar prepares for his job interview and gets nervous because of his poor English. Arpita claims his morale and asks him to believe in himself. Neela goes to them and humiliates Sundar for being a householder. She continues to yell at him and when she stops him, throws water on his resume.

Precap: Aryan calls Imli when she is in office and says that he is missing his wife.

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