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Aryan apologizes for Narmada’s disobedience and says that he needs to meet Imli now. Narmada stops her and tells her that girls like Tamarind do not value the sacred bond of marriage and while she can break one marriage, she can also break the other and leave Aryan. Tamarind unnecessarily walks out of the hospital remembering Narmada’s bitter words. Aryan asks Arpita to talk to Narmada as he doesn’t know who he is talking to. Narmada tries in vain to stop him. Arpita says he will not stop as Narmada’s thinking is completely hurt and she hurt Aryan and Imli. Narmada is standing crying.

Aryan searches for Tamarind and tries to get out of the hospital. The doctor requested him not to leave the hospital as he had undergone an operation sometime back. Arpita along with Sundar stops Aryan. Aryan asks her to let go. Sundar asks Aryan if he would have let Arpita go if she was in his place. Aryan says tamarind.. Arpita says they will bring tamarind back. He says that he is hurt by Narmada and is worried that she might have said the same to Tamarind. He tells Sundar that he did not take Arpita to his house fearing similar situation, then why is he stopping her. Sundar asks Arpita to let Aryan go. Aryan leaves.

Imli walks into the open area to paint clothes, remembering the good times she had with Aryan. Dil Hai Tumhaara, Jaan Hai Tumhari… The song plays in the background.

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